Deprug Monastery is one of a kind when we talk about its mesmerizing architecture. Founded by Jamyang Choge Tashi Palden in 1416 AD, one of Tsongkhapa’s chief disciples. Located in the foot of Mount Gambo Utse in the western suburb of Lasha. Deprug Monastery has a class of its own when we talk about the Great Gelugpa monasteries. It was the former residence of Dalai Lamas before the Potala Palace came into existence. Deprug Monastery was the Principal spot of the Gelugpa monasteries and is a prime example of monastery management in whole Tibbet.

The walls are decorated with Thankas and doors carved with beautiful images of Deprug Monastery. This monastery was also amongst those places which remain undamaged in the revolution of China. Ganden Phodrang is the name of Dalai Lamas residence in Deprug Monastery and a prime reflection of Tibetan artwork. The colleges in the Deprug Monastery are abundant of brilliant Lamas. Similarly, One can enjoy the landscape and sceneries seen from the elevation of 3,238 meters. One can get the bliss of satisfaction and completeness after visiting Deprug Monastery.

A Deprug Monastery Kora gives you an opportunity to understand the monastery architecture and monk lifestyle. You can also experience the customs and rites of Tibetan Buddhism in the Shoton festival. Sticking with your experienced local guide is the best way to enjoy the Deprug Monastery without any complications.

Major Attractions-

-Coquen hall and Four great Dratsangs
-view of Tibet valley and Lalu wetland
-the seat of State oracle in Nechung Monastery
-Sand mandala makings and Thanka paintings

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