1. Is it necessary to book with the travel agency for the Bhutan tour?
    Answer: Yes, the Bhutan tour must be booked with the travel agency. It’s wise as well as ideal to travel to Bhutan through legitimate travel agencies.
  2. What about the Bhutan government’s daily fee?
    Answer: The Bhutan government’s daily fee is implemented post-pandemic.  The daily SDF fee per person per night is USD 200. For Indians and Bangladeshis, SDF is INR 1200 per person per night.
  3. Can we able to hike between the National Museum and Zuri Dzong during the Bhutan tour?
    Answer: Yes, you can do the hike if you have enough time. The most popular hike of ‘Taktsang Monastery’ is also in Paro. Similarly, you can consult your guide to take on these additional hikes.
  4. What are the differences between “Tiger’s Lair” and “Tiger’s Nest”? Are they two different sites or two names for the same sight/building?
    Answer: Both are in the name of the same monastery; called Taktsang Monastery too. This monastery is one of the most visited places of whole Bhutan.
  5. Could you include the Thimphu weekend market in our Schedule? I believe it’s only open from Thursday to Sunday. Is that correct?
    Answer: You will be able to visit the market only if the market days match your return schedule from Paro. 
  6. Could we incorporate one or more of the following short hikes in Paro into our Bhutan itinerary?
    Answer: Sure, we will organize any hike depending on your time. The most famous hike is the Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) hike.

    • Taktsang Monastery (walking time approx.3-4 hours, and depends on fitness).
      The hike starts from about 8 km north of Paro. The trail is along an unpaved trail that passes through the farmhouses of Shari. From the parking area at the base of the cliff, the trail steeply climbs up the ridge through pines covered area with Spanish moss and also an occasional grove of fluttering prayer flags. From the top, there are excellent views of Drukgyel village with its high school to the south and the army camp above it. It’s a short distance over level ground to the cafeteria at 2940 m where the monastery first comes into view.
    • The trail to Taktsang continues a little further along the ridge, although many travelers return at this point. It is possible to continue for another 45 minutes uphill through the trees. You will then reach a spectacular lookout at about the same height as the monastery (3140 m). From this point, Taktsang looks as if it is growing out of the rocks and seems an almost close touch, although it is about 150 m away on the other side. Similarly, if you are not fit and acclimatized it will be tough for you but well worth the effort and highlight of any trip to Bhutan.
    • Zuri Dzong (walking time 2 hours).
      From the National Museum in Ta Dzong, take a 2-hour hike along the forested hillside to reach Zuri Dzong.
    • Drakarpo monastery (time around 3 hours).
      Drive Valley 30 minutes from Paro to Shaba and from here you can hike for about one hour to reach Drakarpo monastery located on a high cliff. Before reaching the monastery you need to walk clockwise around the cliff.  At the top of the cliff, you will see a cave, which is trusted to have been used for meditation by a previous incarnation of Namkhai Ningpo. From this side, you can see almost all of Paro valley.  Then continue the round towards the other side of the cliff and descend about 10 minutes to the entrance.  Similarly, visit the main altar room which has a great story about how the Guru Rinpoche broke the rock and made a cave for his meditation in the mid-8th century.
    • Kila Gompa (time around 3.5 hours).
      First, drive about 45 minutes from Paro to Chele La pass at about 3800 meters. From there you will get a splendid view of the Himalayan range. From the road, you can walk up the incline for around 1.5 hours towards the highest point at 4500 meters for an even better view of the mountains. The sites from there include Mount Jomolhari and other further peaks such as Kanchenjunga. Descend hill through the forest of rhododendrons and hemlocks towards Kila Gompa, a nunnery inhabited by about 30 nuns, and then on past to another temple called Gorina Lhakhang. Here is a small monk residence (the time to descent will be another 1.5 hours in total).

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