Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages 2024/2025 - 10-24 Days

A vista of the magnificent Himalayas merging with the art and culture of Shangri-La, Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages is everything you would imagine in your vacation of Asia. These countries define the adventure of discovering uniqueness while being a part of fantastic experiences at the same time. One can overland ride piercing the snow-capped mountains to retracing the paths of legends immediately here. A balanced blend of tranquil nature with lifestyle and hospitality worth your time awaits you in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

One of the best qualities of highly-rated tours around the world is its flexibility. The tours in Nepal Tibet
Bhutan very much relish that multi-country feel. As a traveler, you can choose from different variations
and durations to be a part of this tour. You can do the Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour multiple times and have
different itineraries of magnificent destinations each time.

Nepal has been the prime destination for travelers in Asia looking to skip the monotonous itineraries of
popular touristic countries. The cultural richness of Kathmandu valley, thrill-inducing activities in
Pokhara and the natural scenery of Chitwan are some introductions for travelers in Nepal.

Tibet similarly is a place of unknown, eager for travelers to share experiences and unique adventures
alike. The monuments and majestic monasteries here pair perfectly with the mesmerizing landscape and
scenery. In the royal palaces as well as the spiritual pilgrimages you can enjoy a calming sense of being
familiar with several generations.

Bhutan deservingly is listed as the must-visit nation in the world for this decade. You are more likely to
end your Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour with a bang here. Places like Thimphu, Punakha, and Paro can easily
quench the travel thirst of yours and add something new to it every day.

A tour of these three countries surpasses your regular vacations with the rich culture, serene nature,
and warm hospitality. Select the ones that fit your travel taste and preference and we'll promise you an
experience well worth the time.

Essential Information

More Information of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour


The first thing to enter your mind as a traveler in Asia is the ease of the visa process in different countries.

Visa & Transportation

Nepal provides Visa on Arrival for tourists from a majority of countries around the world. One can also apply for it from the Nepalese consulate near your nation. Transportation around the country is connected well through roads as well as domestic flights.

Food and accommodation

Food and accommodation in Nepal will be delightful with several options to try either local or established services throughout your days here. One can simply select the most viable option beforehand for a great time during Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour. Luxury options to the tour will allow travelers to stay in the top-rated star hotels as well as private luxury transport facilitated with a team of guides and drivers.

Is Nepal safe to travel?

Nepal is a safe country to travel to for every kind of traveler. There are multiple tourist help-desks and information centers around the major attractions here. The locals in general are helpful to travelers. This compliments the hospitality and lifestyle you are promised traveling to this Himalayan paradise.


Visa and Travel Permit

A travel permit to Tibet requires you to have a Chinese Visa beforehand. It is comparatively simple to acquire too. However, the permit to Tibet might take some days so applying for it with few days to spare is the wise way to go. Starting this multi-country tour from China will help as options from both Chengdu and Beijing is available. You can also start your process from Nepal and continue your tour there until the documents arrive.

Food and accommodation

Tibet showcases some of the best culture and landscapes still untainted in this century. This might mean on some overland tour days travelers mightn't get top options in food and accommodation. However, the major cities don't lack some scenic premium options for travelers to enjoy. Add the unique Tibetan cuisine and you are up for some unique adventure here.

Follow your guides and be a responsible traveler

Over the years Tibet has been laxer to travelers but there are still some sites that might have extra regulations. Cooperation and patience might be your key here. Being flexible and giving a couple of days to optimize your itinerary in Tibet promises exciting results for aspiring travelers. Follow your guides and be a responsible traveler to make the most of this wonderful nation.


Visa & Permit

Bhutan has its own way of regulating and managing travelers. The "High-Value Low Impact" principle has been able to ensure you a great experience meeting high standards on each step. Your travel visa will be managed with the confirmation of the tour here. You can leave the rest to our team here with trained individuals holding local expertise in required areas.

Food and accommodation

Accommodation in Bhutan utilizes the local resources well to best reflect the culture and values of the country. There are so many activities and beautiful sites for you here that each day is packed with memories here. A luxury tour here will give you several more options to truly know this beautiful nation. Mapped as a hidden gem in Asia, Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour delivers in every front.

Only carbon-negative nation in the world

Whilst you are bound to have a great time in Bhutan, you will be doing it in the most eco-friendly manner as well. As the only carbon-negative nation in the world, travelers can embrace the way a sustainable destination should look today. Friendly locals and smiles all around fuel positive vibes to your travel each day here.

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