Nepal Tibet Bhutan Short Tour 2023/2024 - 10 Days

A triangular short trip of a lifetime, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan

  • Enjoy the ancient world heritage sites of Kathmandu.
  • Fly above Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and admire the beauty of Himalayan range with Mt. Everest.
  • Admire the view of Lhasa with Potala Palace of Dalai Lama.
  • Explore the beauty of Tibet with amazing view.
  • Visit Drepung Monastery, the biggest Monastery in Tibet and Norbulingka Palace.
  • Enjoy the delightful valley of Paro, Thimphu, Phunakha and Wangdue Phodrang.
  • Hike to Paro Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) in Bhutan.
  • Nepal: 3 Nights in Kathmandu with Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Patan, Swoyambhu Stupa and local market.
  • Tibet: 3 Nights in Lhasa, Tibet with Potala Palace, Sera & Drepung Monastery, Norbulinka Palace and Barkhor street.
  • Bhutan: 3 Nights in Bhutan with Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest), Paro Valley, Thimphu with weekend market and Punakha Dzong.

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Short Tour, walking beside the eaves of the pagodas in the narrow stone patched streets of Kathmandu has its undefinable beauty. The diversity of culture and lifestyle is what one expects from this wondrous country. Surely a heavenly place lying in the lap of the Mt. Everest. The ever-glazing streets of Ason full of skilled craftsmanship and Thanka paintings are appealing to watch. Walking through the Durbar Squares and other majestic world heritage sites acts as a magical outdoor theatre.

Embark on a unique and worthy adventure on Tibet with endless natural beauty and rich untouched culture of Lhasa. Walk through the streets where smiles can be stumbled in any event as you take each of your leaps. Have a divine experience of a lifetime of walking side by side with the Tibetian pilgrims and in the foot of the worlds most prominent plateau. Blend in with the locals and dive into the heart of Tibetian Buddhism as you visit the former residence of Dalai Lama; The grand palace of Potala. A land of many formidable passes you can soak it all with the marvelous view there. Uncover the treasures of this great land as you take the walk of Enlightenment and purity here.

Lose yourself in the lustful natural beauty and rich, undisturbed culture as you visit the astounding country of Bhutan. A place with never-ending cliffs and beautiful monasteries carved right into it. As a matter of fact, Thimphu welcomes you with a smile from their heart. An expedition to Taktsang or the world-renowned Tiger’s Nest is a beauty to devour by the same token standing tall about 900 meters from the valley floor. Drench yourself with the beautiful culture, and shining heart of the Bhutanese people as you walk in the staircase of spiritual satisfaction visiting this great nation with incredible experiences.

Things to know about Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Short Tour

  • All these countries hold their religious values strictly. So, you have to be aware of dos and don’ts in these places.
  • You can stumble upon different types of festivals while visiting these places. For the most part, enjoy responsibly in these cases.
  • Restaurants and lodges here are always welcoming here but might not have every possible facility in some cases. In fact, make a most out of it.
  • Try the local cuisine in place of ordering the standard menu as a new kind of experience here.
  • Restrictions of foreign entry may be intact in some destinations. One must respect the decision of the people there.


Cost & Inclusion

The cost of each package may vary based on factors such as hotel category, tour duration, number of travelers, travel season, routes, and activities. You have the option to customize your package to create your ideal itinerary, which may differ from cheaper deals elsewhere. Rest assured, we will ensure that your visit with Asia Experiences is worth every penny.

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  • Airport pickups and drops service.
  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.
  • Breakfast in Nepal.
  • Airport pickups and drops service.
  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.
  • Breakfast in Tibet.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.
  • Airport pickups and drops service.
  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.
  • Full meals in Bhutan.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.


Yes, you generally need a visa to visit these countries. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, visas for Nepal can be obtained upon arrival at the airport or land borders. For Tibet, you'll need to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit through a registered travel agency in China. Bhutan requires visitors to book a tour with a licensed Bhutanese tour operator, who will arrange the visa process on your behalf.

Nepal is known for its stunning Himalayan landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Some must-visit attractions include Kathmandu (the capital city), Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, and Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple).

Tibet is renowned for its spiritual significance and breathtaking scenery. The major attractions in Tibet include Lhasa (the capital city), Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, and the monasteries of Lhasa.

Bhutan offers a unique blend of traditional culture, stunning landscapes, and serene monasteries. Some highlights of a short tour in Bhutan include Thimphu (the capital city), Paro Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Dochula Pass, and the cultural experiences of witnessing traditional festivals and interacting with the friendly Bhutanese people.

The best time to visit these countries depends on the specific regions you plan to explore. In general, the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons offer pleasant weather and clear views of the mountains. However, Nepal and Bhutan can be visited year-round, while Tibet experiences colder temperatures during winter.

The duration of a short tour can vary depending on individual preferences, but typically, a short tour in these regions lasts between 8 to 10 days. It allows travelers to explore the major highlights and experience the culture and natural beauty of these countries.


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Excellent Service, Thoughtful and Professional

We (My friend and me) surfed a whole lot seeking for some popular agencies in Nepal. We decided to take no consideration when it came to professionalism in services. From our first words to the assistance we knew that Asia experiences were a perfect match for our south Asian visit. The reviews and ratings were just the overviews and I happen to find an actual blog written by one of the previous travelers too. We communicated and sought for advice both professional as well as personal and headed towards the TIA airport the next month. The hotels we stayed were top class, and we got to admit that the Asian foods we tried were a little spicy. However, we also had a range of different cuisines to choose from. I was also amazed to find the photography and English speaking skills impressive from Asia Experiences guides. We needed and god the detailed expense list and found the assistance of the agency worth every penny. We want to thank Asia experiences and especially Mr. Umesh for this smooth and perfect vacation. If you want to avoid complications and have a professional aid by your side choose Asia Experiences.

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Reaching for the horizon when you have trustworthy agency

As a traveler young in heart and an aging body, I was in doubt that whether I can push further and add a new chapter in my travel diaries with this 14 days tour of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. With my previous experiences, I knew the importance of having a proper agency to back me up in my journey. I was lucky to find a couple back from the tour of these countries a few days back in the local cafeteria. By their help, I was able to connect with the Asia experiences tour. As days came nearer to y arrival at Kathmandu, I asked numerous questions and communicated with the agency. They were of great help to keep my morale high. From the TIA to every other destination to come, the agency and guides completely aided me. From different hidden photographic locations to myths and legends of my destinations, I was provided a complete insight about them. With the Help of Mr. Umesh from Asia Experiences, I was also able to get extra privileges at the Hotels and Lodges. My guides acted as my extra limb as I took on the journey from the plains to the marshlands and high hills. I will suggest Asia Experiences for travelers of all ages and taste.

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Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan- Much more than you hear

Being a solo traveler, I was in a dilemma on whether to take these nations head on alone or ask for some assistance. With the costly offers running the market I was able to give up when a friend of mine suggested Asia Experience. I thank him even today as the experience I had in this Journey was worth every penny. Walking through the hills and the tight streets, my guide made it all possible as only I knew that I would have missed so much of those without Ashish (Nepal), Pemba (Tibet), and Tashi (Bhutan). The great thing was that my guides were well trained and experienced. They also had mastered the local languages in many of their visits. The memories and beautiful stories of reaching each destination were possible with Asia Experience and their pristine group of guides. I approve and suggest Asia experiences for solo travels as it is cost-efficient and professional.

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Incredibly good company and surreal customer assistance

To be honest, we came to this idea of going to the vacation in Asia in a short notice, and we(My wife and me) really didn't expect that was possible. With fate or coincidence, we happen to take suggestions from the customer assistance of Asia Experiences. The whole process of query and answer was so smooth that the company made us realize. It's never too late. And Bam! The very next week we were in Kathmandu doing the Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan tour. We asked hundreds of questions before and during the tour, and all of them were eager to help us with our curiosity and sometimes even stubbornness. We are so happy to choose the tour, and we are pumped up for another. Thank you Asia Experiences for aiding us and making this whole trip possible in such short notice.


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Best Company for multi country Tours

We used Asia experiences Holiday company for our first visit to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet in last year. This company is professional, reliable, and the service is excellent. While planning the trip, they were very quick to respond to questions and answers. We hit all the highlights and enjoyed the local guides in each country. The trip was perfect, guides and drivers punctual knowledgeable and very pleasant! Everything was spot on! Thank you for an amazing trip and a fantastic experience! Highly recommend this tour company.

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