Upper Mustang Tour – A Mystical Substitute to Tibet for Avid Travelers

09 Days Exclusive & Personalized Journey

Upper Mustang Tour – A Mystical Substitute to Tibet for Avid Travelers - 09 Days

Alternative of Tibet - 4WD Overland Tour

  • A tranquil experience of the ancient forbidden Kingdom of Lo.
  • Picturesque landscape and natural delights throughout the tour in lower and upper Mustang.
  • Closer look at the local culture and lifestyle here with interesting insights to learn.
  • A different look at the Himalayas with some of the most unique geographic sights in the world.
  • Centuries-old Buddhist monasteries, spiritual monuments, caves, forts, and palaces for a much-unabridged tour.
  • Easier to attain visas and permits in comparison to Tibet with similar experiences.
  • Opportunity to capture the rarely-documented traditional lifestyle, festivals, and communities of Upper Mustang which was completely isolated till 1991.

Upper Mustang has been the ideal place to witness the bliss of majestic Himalayas for the past few years. It is the region where heaven meets earth, a destination like nowhere else in Asia. Drive through this vast remoteness to the purest of adventure to witness a phase of tranquil beauty. The Upper Mustang tour is open for all who love to embrace nature and culture in one go.

The tour starts from the bustling 'City of Temples', Kathmandu. Your thrilling journey continues to the beautiful Pokhara valley next. A mountain flight overlooking the hills and snow-capped mountains marks your arrival at Jomson. A humble touch of change here and a private jeep will allow travelers closer to the magical landscape entering Upper Mustang. Amazing experiences await each day here with a beautiful smile to welcome you graciously.

So why Upper Mustang is considered very much alike Tibet? Well, the lifestyle, culture, and geography are similar to the highest degree. Tibetan Buddhism, mesmerizing art, and historical bonds make the two regions identical too. Add a relaxed and more hospitable environment to the upper Mustang region and you have got a better tour in the Himalayan Shangri-la.

Similarly, Mustang has some unique experiences to offer for travelers who have been to Tibet before. You can expect a fantastic array of picturesque destinations and activities to align with them. A tour here will reveal the legends and stories Mustang has been nesting for centuries.

Upper Mustang Tour is a deservingly better option for those not preferring to trek long hours. With private transportation and guides, your tour here is bound to be memorable. As a tour of adventure and unique interests, Upper Mustang is simply beyond description with words.


Essential Information

Things to know for travelers about the Upper Mustang Tour

* Domestic flights to Jomsom from Pokhara are most likely to take place in the morning. Despite the flight being short (20 minutes) there are known cases of it being delayed or canceled depending on the weather.

* In case the flight is not available from Pokhara to Jomsom, driving to Lower Mustang is your only alternative. The route is a proper off-road experience which might take around 12 hours or more with several other factors in consideration.

* After Jomsom, you have to expect a drop in facilities regarding both food and accommodation. In most places, you can expect basic hygienic foods and warm hospitality.

* You have to apply for the restricted area permit before starting the tour from Kathmandu. It will take USD 500$ for 10 days that will last for the tour duration. Beyond that, you have additional 50$ per day fee per person. These permits and other documents might be checked in different entry posts.

* If you want some more from your Upper Mustang tour, try planning to be there during festivals. Tiji is the largest festival here lasting 3 days. It follows the lunar calendar (often around May) and the whole community gathers to enjoy involving traditional activities.

* Altitude sickness symptoms might be observed while traveling to places over 3000 meters in the Himalayas. Driving tours help a lot with it in comparison to trekking. You can take some pills just to be comfortable and follow some health precautions too. There are health posts in different places of the Upper Mustang trip for any severe symptoms too.

* Be careful and be a responsible traveler near the Tibetan Borders in Kora La. There are some guidelines and prohibitions to follow as a tourist just to avoid any complications.

The Upper Mustang tour is truly one of a kind. Tick off this magical destination from your bucket list on your next vacation to Nepal. In less than two weeks you will have some wonderful memories and stories to share from the Mystical Mustang regions of the Himalayas.

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