1. How to reach the Golden Rock from Yangon? Can we see it while we are in Yangon?
    Answer: About the Golden Rock Tour, you need another day for your itinerary because it is about 200km from Yangon. After driving like 4 hours from Yangon in a car, we reach the Golden Rock/ Kyikhtiyoe. After arriving in Kyikhtiyoe, take a light truck and push up to Golden Rock Pagoda. Upon arrival at this sub-mountain, you have to walk about 10 minutes to reach the Pagoda. You can then visit and pray in the Kyikhtiyoe Pagoda (Golden Rock Pagoda). In the afternoon, drive to base camp by your light truck, then come back to Yangon.
  2. For Myanmar, can we get a local person/guide who can take us to less traveled trails?
    Answer: Yes, as our packaged trip you will get a local trip guide. Your guide is an expert familiar with multiple trials in the place. You can consult with him/her and travel the less traveled trails.
  3. Can we add an extra hike in Myanmar? What village will we be staying in during the trek to Inle Lake?
    Answer: Yes, you can hike in a different destination as short hiking trails are all around the nation. Additionally, you will have a favorite hike from Kalaw, Shann Villages. Similarly, we can also add 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day hiking to different walking trails here. The regular route to Inle Lake will have a day stop in Kalaw village. However, you can take a different path to the lake and stay in the neighboring village too.
  4. What kind of accommodations will we have at that village during the Myanmar hike?
    Answer: You will stay at ‘Monastery with shared facilities’ or at ‘home-stay (village home).’ You can expect warm hospitality and a homely environment in these places.
  5. We want to spend at least an hour or two at the Shwedagon Pagoda. Is it possible?
    Answer: Surely, you will have at least a couple of hours in a day to stroll around. On the day involving the Shwedagon Pagoda hike, you can extend your time by visiting the pagoda.
  6. Can we walk around the old heritage district downtown to see the Sule Pagoda and the area around it, and walk through the Bogyoke Aung Saan Market?
    Answer: Yes, you can. However, there might be some prohibited sites where one can’t enter, and you will have to respect their rules there. Similarly, walking through Bogyoke Aung Saan Market is also popular among tourists. Therefore, you can enjoy them all.
  7. Can we make a round trip from the ferry to Dalah?
    Answer: Yes, you are allowed to take a ferry around Dalah. Your guide will give you the directions for its procedure.
  8. Is it possible to take the 3-hour railway ride starting at Central Station on the city’s circle line?
    Answer: The day involving the city circle is a busy one, but you can certainly take the ride given that you have enough time. Therefore, consult with your guide before taking this tour.
  9. Could you/your partner travel agent, arrange for us to as many as possible of the following sites: Dhammayangyi Temple, Ananda Temple, Sulamani Temple, the Shwezigon Temple, Old Bagan, and the monuments in Old Bagan?
    Answer: Yes, these all are included in our itinerary. Our guide will make sure you won’t miss any of these places on your visit. We focus your tour majorly in a way that will cover the areas you want to go.
  10. Is it possible to see the sunset from the temples in Bagan? 
    Answer: Yes. Adding to it, you can also enjoy the evening lifestyle of the pilgrims in the meantime.
  11. Are we allowed to take a boat tour on the lake and make stops there?
    Answer: Sure, you are allowed to take a boat or ferry on the lake, and you can make stops in certain areas too. You’ll see different markets to take a look at on your visit.
  12. Can we see the jumping cats in the monasteries of Inle Lake?
    Answer: No, the cats in Jumping Cat Monastery are no longer trained to perform the task. But you can enjoy your tea with cats in  “The Burmese Cat House” on Inle Lake.
  13. It would be nice to have stopped in Inthein and at the Inthar Heritage House. We’d like to see floating gardens as well as floating markets and the “one-legged” fishermen. Is it Included in this trip?
    Answer: Certainly, you will get a chance to visit those heritage sites. Similarly, we have covered the floating garden and markets in your itinerary. Enjoy your visit here.

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