Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a southeast nation with more than 100 ethnic groups that still rely on the traditional method of living and hold century-old Stupas.

The traditional living method and marching towards modernization make the visit more wonderful. For most of its independent years, the country has been engrossed in rampant ethnic strife, however, emerging from Isolation Myanmar has achieved the path of growth. The hospitality that you will receive amidst the crowd will make your tour, the most pleasant experience. The lifestyle is still found to be the same as their progenies. The tradition and culture and the warm hospitality that you will receive make the visit more fascinating.

The visits to Myanmar will give you a closer view of the Stupas, temples, and tradition, the scattered forested hills will add more beauty to your visit. The people around will be happy to provide information about their ethnic group and the lifestyle that varies from other cultures. As Myanmar shares a border with so many countries – India, China, Laos, and Bangladesh, Thailand has a distinct culture compared to these countries.

The country holds some beautiful cities to visit and small villages with a unique culture. The energy and enthusiasm that you will come across will give you complete satisfaction with the tour.

Facts and Figures

Population: 55.2 million
Capital City: Naypyidaw
People: Bamar 68%, Shan 9%, Karen 7%, Rakhine 4%, Chinese 3%, Indian 2%, Mon 2%, other 5%
Language: Burmese
Currency: Kyat (MMK)
Time Zone: GMT + 6:30 Hours
International Dialing Code: +95

Phone and Internet Service.

You can purchase the local SIM card at the airport or any store that deals with phone SIM cards. Regarding international roaming, we recommend you contact your local service providers as it is not widely accessible in Myanmar. You can make international calls from major hotels, however, the charges may be high.

Internet services are available at all major places, however, the connection may not be stable always. International Postal service and DHL for express deliveries are also an option available in Myanmar.


The major form of transportation is taxis in the cities and the price may be high so it would be good to negotiate the price before hiring a taxi. The price, however, depends on the distance that you travel, for instance, the cost from Yangon airport to the city center may be around 5000 MMK.

Taxis are the most comfortable form of driving in the cities but heavy traffic can be expected on the road. The cars are usually decorated and have steering on the wrong side, thus making the journey more wonderful.

A train is also an option available in Myanmar and the price is comparatively less than taxis. You can enjoy the view of the suburbs from the train, however, the routes are limited.

Ferries are another option to travel in some areas. You may have to pay a higher amount but will be provided with a comfortable seat

Motorbike taxis are also an option of transport in some areas and are the most common method of travel. Travel by motorbike is not covered under insurance and we do not suggest it as it may not be a safe mode of transport.

Finest Time to Visit.

Burma (Myanmar) has three different seasons and the effects of the monsoon are not the same in every part of the country.

The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February which is the cold winter season. This is the season when the temperature is not too hot or cold, however, the hills may give you a chilling experience.

The average month for visiting Myanmar is from March to May, however, the temperature rises to 100°F/40°C, and it might be a warm experience.

We do not suggest visiting during the rainy season which might start in May or June and lasts until August. There is usually rainfall during the afternoon and evening which might be unpleasant to visit different sites.

The best months are January, February, September, October, November, and December.


Tips are not a compulsion but are most appreciated and a sign of gratitude. Tips depend on your satisfaction during the tour from your tour leader and driver. USD 10 a day would be a sufficient amount of tip.


Please carry a universal adapter with you. 220 V with two flat pins, one mix socket type, two round pins, or three pins. There are frequent electricity blackouts, however, most hotels are accommodated with generators.

Airport Tax.

Airport tax is usually deducted from international tickets.


During the water festival and new Myanmar year (from 12 to 17 April), most of the stores and tourist sites are closed and a few visits may be canceled.


Burma has a very old history, however, talking about later development archaeological sites are still found in Burma. Traditional lifestyle can still be seen in Burma and the ethnic groups still follow a lifestyle that is compared to their ancestors.

The new constitution was set up after the state Military organized the election in 2011.

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