India Bhutan Bangladesh Tour

16 Days Exclusive & Personalized Journey

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India Bhutan Bangladesh Tour - 16 Days

A professional amalgam of cultural delights showcasing the best shades of South Asia

  • View of ancient sites in Delhi, Palaces in Jaipur and trip to Amer Fort with elephant ride.
  • Taj Mahal - One of the 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Visit of the temple dedicated to Mother India and River Ganges in Vanarasi.
  • The breath taking Valley of Bhutan with views of Himalayan range.
  • Short hike to Takstang Monastery aka Tiger’s nest.
  • Explore Buddhism’s art, culture, tradition and architecture of Bangladesh
  • Visit Bogra, Paharpur, city temples and local markets.
  • India: 6 Nights in India with Delhi, Agra, Taj Mahal, Jaipur
  • Bhutan: 4 Nights in Bhutan with Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) hike, Paro Valley, Punakha Thimphu with the weekend market.
  • Bangladesh: 5 Nights in Bangladesh with Dhaka, Sonargaon, Rajshahi, Paharpur, Bogra, Puthiya temple.

India Bhutan Bangladesh 16 Days Tour is a professional amalgam of cultural delights showcasing the best shades of Asia in a single tour. This tour exhibits us the vibrant streets of India opening up to the historical monuments of Bangladesh and surfs us to the pristine hills and monasteries of Bhutan. Right from the beginning of this tour in the land of thousand stories, India will be a treat to your every sense giving you some of the majestic bits of this diverse nation. Gliding through the wind of a traveler’s wand, Bhutan will be a cherry to add in your perfect vacation from the cliff-side of Taktsang monastery. A mild factor introduces you to Bangladesh as you enter the magical treasure of a kind. With the euphoria of happiness and hospitality in every destination, prepare yourself for the magical vacation in these sublime nations.

India is a name recurring as one of the best destinations to spend your vacations in the world. One can explore the nation and discover a living timeline from the Indus Valley Civilization era until now. From the very moment you land in this nation, an immense aura of special feeling welcomes you. Starting your trip with ancient city streets, you will open up to the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal. The beauty of the palace and the art it beholds shines over the rich history of India. One can experience the variance within the next stop to the pink city Jaipur. As beautiful as one can describe, you will get the best sides of this magical pearl of Rajhistan to treasure for a long time to come. 

Bhutan, hidden among the lofty Himalayas, is a nation full of surprises and natural scenery. Travelers can witness some of the most untouched lands of authentic culture and tradition from the modern western trends here. Deeply a Buddhist nation, travelers can expect a treat of Monk lifestyle embedded around the settlements with majestic monasteries. The unique architecture makes way for some views of snow-capped peaks rising above the green primeval forest hills. Finding yourself here in spectacular TShechu(dance festivals) is a bonus treat you can achieve with proper planning of the visit. As a nation composed of traditional beliefs and valleys reflecting Shangri La, each step in this fantastic place is worth your time. 

Bangladesh, the heart of the Mughal Empire, is absolutely a delight constituting the art, tradition, and culture firmly shifting to the prevailing tide. The sites we will visit here represents a common way of living and its beauty in south Asian regions. Visiting the archeological sites in Bogra and trying some street snacks in Rajshahi, each destination is a new chapter of best bits in Asia here. Stroll around the old Dhaka markets and relive in time with the locals here. Glide with the wind in the ferry rides and soak in the heavenly sunset over the rivers. Witness the blend of Muslim and Hindu culture here with centuries-old Mosques and shrines holding a piece of the Bangala history.

Miss nothing and make the most of your sensational journey with Asia experiences. Buckle up and prepare yourself for the alluring shine of cultural ecstasies in your India Bhutan Bangladesh 16 Days Tour.


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  • Breakfast in India.
  • Full meals in Bhutan.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.
  • Breakfast in Bangladesh.
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  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.


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United Kingdom

Strongly recommended Asia Experiences

Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Taktsang, Bogra, Punakha, and all were mesmerizing. I can’t explain my happiness in a word. Thanks, Netra for organizing and coordinating my tour effortlessly and on time. Pleased with the service and strongly recommended Asia Experiences.


United Kingdom

The best service from the Asia Experiences

The best service from the travel agency indeed makes the tour experience memorable. For me, Asia Experiences is the one. It made my tour worth every penny. A huge praise for their support, guidance, and proper management from the start to the end of the tour.  Their services were quick, on time, and well-managed. From guides to drivers to accommodation to meals all were superb. The Taj Mahal, Somapura Mahavihara, and Taktsang Monastery all were impressive. I recommend all to choose Asia Experiences once.

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United States

Fantastic tour and amazing memories- Abstract traveling at the best

The Itineraries were smoothly handled, and we didn’t have to worry about any of the processes in between. We had a brief knowledge about every place we had been on this trip(Nepal Tour) from our wonderful guides. The experience here was new, and we were blessed to know about the people and their lifestyles here. On our short hikes, our guides choose the best routes for us, and we get the best views from the top. Mr. Umesh updated us with any changes as well as checked our status every day. The transportation and domestic flights were smooth, and I have to give it to the drivers driving in the traffic and the tough terrain too as they were skillful. We had no complications and even added a day at one of our destinations.

I recommend Asia Experiences for professional guidance and ease of Travelling.

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