Nepal overland Tibet & Bhutan Tour - 14 Days

Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour - Tibet (Lhasa) to Kathmandu by drive via Rongbuk (EBC) - Kathmandu to Bhutan by flight

  • Fly above Tibet Nepal Bhutan and admire the beauty of Himalayan range including Mt. Everest.
  • Experience a vast difference in each country with geography, culture, and overall lifestyle here.
  • Enjoy the ancient world heritage sites of Kathmandu.
  • View of ancient art, history and culture in Kathmandu.
  • Scenic drive to Nagarkot and sunrise/sunset view with mountain view.
  • Excellent view of Mt. Everest from Rongbuk Monastery.
  • Visit Monasteries & palace of former Dalai Lama including Potala Palace.
  • Visit Drepung Monastery, the biggest Monastery in Tibet and Norbulingka Palace.
  • Enjoy the delightful valley of Paro, Thimphu, Phunakha and Wangdue.
  • Hike to Paro Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) in Bhutan.
  • Nepal: 4 Nights in Kathmandu, Nagarkot with Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Patan, Swoyambhu Stupa and local market.
  • Tibet: 6 Nights in Lhasa with overland including Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Norbulinka Palace, Yamdrok-Tsho Lake, Rongbuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp.
  • Bhutan: 3 Nights in Bhutan with Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest), Paro Valley, Thimphu with weekend market and Punakha Dzong.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Overland Tour is a perfect blend of the culture and nature alongside the bonus tasty cuisine and historical monuments gifted by this golden triangle of places in the Himalayas.

Tibet Nepal and Bhutan are the highlighted name giving us a different shade of the Himalayas and the people living there. From the barren hills, green forests to the grassy terrain, all these end up giving us the breathtaking snow-capped Mountain view here. The overland tour from Tibet to Nepal showcases the fantastic landscape as well as the authentic culture of the locals living there. Starting every day with a vivid sunrise view, your journey glides you to the best bits that these nations can offer. Starting from the narrow and colorful streets of Kathmandu, we will make our way to the magnificent monasteries of Tibet. Hopping in a car, we will cruise through high Passes beside the Everest and following the winding roads leading straight to the Nepalese Capital. The calm and fresh breeze will hail you out in the beautiful hills of Bhutan to end the trip. Deep into the cultural paradise and happy faces welcoming you, start Nepal overland Tibet Bhutan Tour journey of a lifetime.

Your journey of these three magical destinations commences in Nepal. This paradise of a nation in Asia is a pristine experience of cultural and historical delights. From the lively streets with ancient monuments in every next stop here is one to stop and adore. The religious shrines reflect the devotion shown by the locals, and one can experience warm hospitality in any of these places. With the taste of the local cuisine hanging by your tongue, embrace the warm hug and lose yourself in the majestic art and crafts. From the bright sunrise over the hills, witness a pause in time as you will visit the best bits that the valley has to offer. Prepare to be a listener as every street here has a well-known story to share in Nepal.

Tibet is not just a state in the Himalayas, but a beautiful way to explore the united shades of Buddhism under a roof. With lesser-traveled roads leading us to the glorious monasteries and exotic scenery, there is no better way to spend every day than it is in Tibet. This place is full of feelings, devotion, and a hint of uniqueness that pushes every travel-loving individual to their next destination. From the vast gardens of Potala and Norbulingka Palaces to the silent prayers of the monks in the monasteries, one can dive straight into the lifestyle here. Starting the road trip, one can just forget everything and live in this overland section leading to the base of the Mt. Everest and beyond. Munching the distance and reading the welcoming smiles of the locals, experience Tibet better.

Bhutan is the cherry on the top of this grand tour in the Himalayas. A dash of fresh air welcomes you in this land of the Thunder Dragon. The vast green farmlands and beautiful hills of Paro before you is a perfect spoiler of the tour soon after landing. With the authentic culture and traditions, undiluted with modernization, every step you take will surprise you here. From the cliff-side view of Taktsang Monastery to the fortress of Punakha, Bhutanese art follows you here. The warm hospitality, pleasant climate, beautiful monasteries, and rich culture all make this trip memorable for a long time to come. Experience the best vacation in the Himalayas and below with Asia Experiences.


Cost & Inclusion

The tour cost for each package might different with the hotel category, tour duration, number of travelers, travel season, routes and activities being the major factors. You can customize these find your ideal package which might not be same with cheaper deals elsewhere. Rest assured, make your visit worth every bit with Asia Experiences.

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  • Breakfast in Nepal.
  • Breakfast in Tibet.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.
  • Full meals in Bhutan.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.
  • Airport pickups and drops service.
  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.


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Reaching for the horizon when you have trustworthy agency

As a traveler young in heart and an aging body, I was in doubt that whether I can push further and add a new chapter in my travel diaries with this 14 days tour of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. With my previous experiences, I knew the importance of having a proper agency to back me up in my journey. I was lucky to find a couple back from the tour of these countries a few days back in the local cafeteria. By their help, I was able to connect with the Asia experiences tour. As days came nearer to y arrival at Kathmandu, I asked numerous questions and communicated with the agency. They were of great help to keep my morale high. From the TIA to every other destination to come, the agency and guides completely aided me. From different hidden photographic locations to myths and legends of my destinations, I was provided a complete insight about them. With the Help of Mr. Umesh from Asia Experiences, I was also able to get extra privileges at the Hotels and Lodges. My guides acted as my extra limb as I took on the journey from the plains to the marshlands and high hills. I will suggest Asia Experiences for travelers of all ages and taste.

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Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan- Much more than you hear

Being a solo traveler, I was in a dilemma on whether to take these nations head on alone or ask for some assistance. With the costly offers running the market I was able to give up when a friend of mine suggested Asia Experience. I thank him even today as the experience I had in this Journey was worth every penny. Walking through the hills and the tight streets, my guide made it all possible as only I knew that I would have missed so much of those without Ashish (Nepal), Pemba (Tibet), and Tashi (Bhutan). The great thing was that my guides were well trained and experienced. They also had mastered the local languages in many of their visits. The memories and beautiful stories of reaching each destination were possible with Asia Experience and their pristine group of guides. I approve and suggest Asia experiences for solo travels as it is cost-efficient and professional.

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