Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour - 12 Days

Luxury Tour offers a unique experience as fantastic destinations, cultural heritages and spiritual vibes of two incredible destinations

  • Countries full of cultural richness so you can embrace them to your hearts fullest
  • Different from metropolitan areas and a destination to rest your busy soul with luxurious experiences.
  • Tradition festivals falling in the lunar calendar acts as a bonus to fell the culture and tradition in these areas
  • Hospitable environment and a great learning experience for knowing the people from this very part of the world.
  • Best for people of different ages and highly rated for Pensioners for an amazingly comfortable vacation
  • A load of different eye appealing scenery for photography lovers.
  • A twist of taste as the culinary difference is experienced from the rest of the world
  • Nepal: 8 Nights in Kathmandu with Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Patan, Swoyambhu Stupa and Chitwan National Park safari.
  • Tibet: 3 Nights in Lhasa, Tibet with Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Norbulinka Palace, Jokhang Temple with Barkhor street.

Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour offers a unique traveling experience as it combines the natural beauty, rich culture, fantastic destinations, cultural heritages, stunning views, and spiritual vibes of these two incredible destinations. Both are closer to each other and the common factor is the Buddhist culture which they follow in their unique way. Besides this, enjoy the panoramic views of the wonderful mountains, green hills, ancient heritages, and monasteries.

Nepal is a small landlocked country whose natural beauty is out of the world. The travelers visiting Nepal will experience natural scenery in the surrounding of the snowy mountains. The ancient Durbar Squares are listed in the World Heritage Site which is the best example of the finest architecture, and designs. Besides this, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple visits are not to be missed. The great fun-filled adventure in the beautiful Chitwan National Park and sightseeing the tourist capital Pokhara with a beautiful sunrise view from Sarangkot adds extra adventure to this Luxury trip in Nepal.

Our next destination is Tibet which is situated on the Tibetan plateau. The luxury trip to this Himalayan Kingdom is a great combination of natural scenery and cultural heritages. Explore the beautiful capital city of Lhasa which is abundant with famous landmarks such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, and Sera and Drepung monasteries. Travelers can experience the pure spirituality vibe while exploring these landmarks. Tibetan Buddhism is highly influenced here and people here follow it very deeply. The architectural beauty of these places along with the well–preserved huge Buddha images, thangkas, paintings, and murals shows their belief in their culture. Respect and follow the norms strictly while you are here.

Throughout the Luxury Nepal and Tibet tour, travelers get standard services like staying in luxury accommodations, delicious local & international cuisine, a luxury private vehicle, an experienced guide & a driver, and personalized attention. We assure you of a memorable tour that is a great combination of nature, adventure, culture, and luxury.


Cost & Inclusion

You're guaranteed the best value service with bonus experiences with our unrivaled local expertise. As operators providing exquisite services for over a decade, we prioritize quality over other factors.

The price for each package might vary with the hotel category, tour duration, travel season, routes and activities being the major factors. You can customize these find your ideal package which might not be same with cheaper deals elsewhere. Rest assured, make your visit worth every bit with Asia Experiences.

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  • Breakfast in Nepal.
  • Breakfast in Tibet.
  • Processing Travel Permit and Entry Visa.
  • Airport pickups and drops service.
  • Private ground transportation with A/C.
  • Twin-sharing hotel accommodation.
  • Local cultural tour guide with English speaking.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for museums and monuments.

Essential Information

Nepal Tibet ​​Luxury Trips

Nepal and Tibet are both closer to each other which lies in South Asia. Nepal is a small land-locked country and Tibet is the sovereign region of China. The Himalayan ranges, diverse landscapes, cultural heritages, and Buddhist culture are some similarities between this naturally beautiful Nepal and Tibet. Despite the similarities, the way of living and the culture has their uniqueness. The ancient monasteries, temples, stupas, and cultural heritages are well-preserved and have maintained their authenticity. The architectures are very impressive and the finest. Not only the heritages, but both also have other major attractions. Both are suitable for adventurous fun activities, nature walks, and short hikes. Travelers can relax at the finest luxury hotels or resorts. Hence, a Luxury trip is possible in Nepal and Tibet.

How to Plan a Luxury Nepal Tibet Tour?

Luxury Nepal Tibet Tour planning is easy and possible if done in the right way with the consultation of a trusted travel agency. Both these destinations have luxury hotels with all luxury facilities and comforts. Book with a reliable and registered travel agency that specializes in luxury tours and can fulfill all your needs on time.

Find the best travel agency

The travel agency arranges the trip by providing the best travel assistance which makes the trip hassle-free, smooth, and successful. So, find the best travel agency that specializes in organizing the Luxury trip and can arrange for both destinations effectively and meet all the needs for the luxury trip. The best way to select the best travel agency is by looking for their reviews, their client feedback, and their value for their service. Tibet travel requires pre-arranged tours which is possible through the assistance of a reputed and registered travel agency. Kathmandu is the only international destination besides China that has a direct flight to Tibet. Travelers can either go from Kathmandu or from China to travel to Tibet. All your travel permits and other necessary arrangements are looked after by the travel agency. So, choose the best and most trusted travel agency that can satisfy all your travel needs and make the best arrangements. Nepal travel doesn’t require a pre-arranged tour but having a reliable travel agency’s assistance makes the tour smooth, effective, and memorable.

Stay in the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Nepal and Tibet

Nepal and Tibet both have some of the finest and most luxurious 5-star hotels. The prime landmarks of both Nepal and Tibet have the most luxurious 5-star hotels with all luxurious facilities and the finest accommodations that fulfill your requirements. These luxurious hotels can be easily found in prime tourist destinations. Nepal has a wide range of Luxury hotels in different places in the nation. But, more luxurious hotels are there in major cities like Kathmandu, and Pokhara, and a few in Chitwan, and Lumbini. Some of the best luxury hotels in Nepal are the Dwarika’s Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hyatt Regency, The Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Sarangkot Mountain Lodge, Fish Tail Lodge, Fort Resort, Meghauli Serai, Barahi Jungle Lodge, Yeti Mountain Home and so on. Many of the luxurious hotels in Nepal are more affordable than the rest of the luxurious hotels in the world. At an affordable price, get the best services from these luxury hotels. Tibet has limited luxury hotels and mostly in the capital city Lhasa and a few in Shigatse. Out of Lhasa, it is hard to find 5-star hotels. But all the available luxury hotels in Tibet provide quality services that satisfy the travelers’ requirements. Some of the best luxury hotels in Lhasa are St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Lhasa Mansarovar Hotel, Four Points Sheraton Hotel, and Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise. The 4-star luxury hotels in Shigatse and Tsedang in Lhoka are some best luxury hotels that provide quality accommodation and services to their clients.

Taste the most authentic cuisines in Nepal and Tibet

Cuisines are another highlight of this Nepal-Tibet tour. This tour allows you to discover and try new cuisines of different ethnicities which is a unique and new taste for travelers. Foods are one of the ways to get connect with the people and the place to which you travel. Nepal is a country with diverse ethnicity, culture, tradition, and religion. Thus, travelers can find diversity in food and drinks. Many might find similarities in the food to that of the neighboring nation India and China. No doubt, there is a huge influence from these nations. But, authentic Nepalese cuisine is different and has its unique ingredients, flavors, spices, and techniques in making. The staple diet of Nepal is Dal-Bhat served with lentil soups and some fresh vegetable curry or meat. The ethnic Newari dishes like Samay Baji set, Yomari, Chatamari, Bara, Wo, Tibetan Momos, Thukpa, Syabhale, Thakali food, Sel Roti, Dhindo, and Gundruk are some of the famous cuisines you can taste in Nepal. The famous authentic drinks are Chhyang (Rice beer), local rakshi (alcohol), and Tongba. Tibetan cuisine is also one of a kind. There are not so many varieties like that in Nepal but the cuisines of Tibet are tasty. Yak meat and potatoes are mostly used ingredients for cooking. Some famous Tibetan foods are Tsampa, Tibetan momo, Tibetan bread, Tibetan noodles with meat or vegetables, Thenthuk, Syaphale, tomato & egg soups, noodle soups, and hotpot. Tibetan Butter Tea is a famous drink that they enjoy with tsampa. Tibetans don’t eat seafood and it may be hard to find seafood in Tibet.

Hire an expert tour guide and private driver with a cozy vehicle

The best way to experience Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour is by hiring an expert tour guide along with a private driver and a cozy vehicle. For Tibet Luxury tours, a tour guide and a private driver is compulsory. A private vehicle is cozy and spacious to travel and the company of a private driver and a guide makes it more fun and memorable. Travelers can travel safely and freely without worrying about getting scammed. In the context of Nepal, there is no such requirement to hire an expert and a private driver. But, the luxury Nepal tour package is inclusive of an expert guide, a private driver, and a private vehicle. The private vehicle service is readily available at your service all the time throughout the tour.

Enjoy one-to-one travel consultant service

Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour is more fruitful when it is planned and arranged with a professional travel consultant. A one-to-one travel consultant is one of the best services that travelers can experience on this luxury tour. A professional one-to-one travel consultant guarantees you the best traveling experience. A one-to-one travel consultant is assigned to you. With whom you can plan, coordinate, and consult over any issues related to the tour without any hesitation. Under the one-to- one service, you are assigned one professional consultant with whom you deal and arrange the tour throughout as per your wis h list. The travel consultant is very professional, expert in their field, good at handling customer needs and demands, and can deal with the situation wisely. In both Nepal and Tibet, travelers are assigned a personal travel consultant to make the tour experience wonderful and memorable.


Overall, Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour can be planned through Asia Experiences where you stay in luxury hotels in Nepal and Tibet throughout the tour. We assure you to provide you with all sorts of facilities besides luxury hotel stays. One-to-one travel consultant, expert guide, private driver, and private vehicle facilities are suitably organized for you to experience the Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour with great satisfaction. Come and Connect with Asia Experiences for an enduring & memorable Nepal Tibet Luxury Tour experience.

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