Pokhara is the largest Metropolitan city in Nepal regarding the area. Surrounded by hills and an amazing Annapurna range view from the town are some of the natural factors that make this place a must to visit. Similarly, Pokhara is culturally diverse and has a long list of gifted sites that provide us with the experience of a lifetime. If you are hoping for a perfect holiday tour to Pokhara, here are the top 10 places you shouldn’t miss on your visit here.

1. Shanti Stupa(World peace Pagoda)

Spotted from miles away is this brilliant monument of Shanti Stupa at the top of Anadu hill. A Buddhist pilgrimage and the perfect locus to view the mesmerizing view of Phewa Lake and the whole Pokhara Valley. A hike to this majestic destination involves the diverse flora and fauna of these rich hills. Similarly, one can also view the amazing sunset befalling upon the city of Pokhara in a calm and Captivating environment. From the top in the clear sky, you can observe the whole Annapurna Mountain range and many other small ranges of snow-capped mountains. This place also has a significant possibility of off-road cycling and short trekking. The picture-perfect panoramic View this site provides will remain in your memories for a very long time.

Construction and History of Shanti Stupa

This flawless white-colored Pagoda is amongst many other peace stupas around the world. Reflecting Architecture and beauty this untarnished stupa was built by Nipponzan Myohoji monk named Morioko Sonin. Standing 115 feet tall with 344 feet in diameter, visitors have to trek from a nearby trail to reach here. There are two rows of entrances to the structure with separate transits to circumambulate — a monument carrying architecture to adore and dazzling statues of Lord Buddha.

Statues of Gautam Buddha

There are four stunning statues of Buddha representing friendship and the mission to achieve World Peace. ‘Dharmachakra Mudra,’ ‘Bodh Gaya,’ ‘Kushinagar,’ and ‘Lumbini’ of the four-nation came from Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Nepal respectively. On the top of the Stupa is a Pinnacle (Gajur in the local language) holding crystal stones from Sri Lanka. Below the Gajur is a wheel of life signifying Dharmachakra. Similarly, there is a hall of worshipping (Dharma Hall) which holds statues of Buddha, near the stupa where pilgrims do their rituals on auspicious days. To peek in and study the religious tradition one may scout this portion of the pagoda.

2. Phewa Lake

A proper way to relish and take a break into a calm and lively lake Phewa in your Pokhara visit. A lake with a diverse aquatic ecosystem and crystal clear water, you will gain peace of mind here. Similarly, on a clear day, you can see the magnificent reflection of Mount Annapurna and Mount Fishtail on the surface of the lake. On a small island inside this lake is the sacred Hindu temple of Tal Barahi.

Take a boat for a couple of hours and stroll through the heart of this calm, beautiful lake. If you come early enough in the morning you can view the picture-perfect view of empty wooden boats on the side of this calm and alluring lake. a view of the hymalian sunrise from a boat in the middle of the Lake will be a wondrous way to kick start your day. Similarly, there are fish feeding sections to spend your time feeding Goodies to the fish.

3. Tal Barahi Temple

Situated in the middle of a beautiful Phewa lake in the lap of the Himalayas is the Hindu Temple of Tal Barahi. A Temple of goddess Durga, the goddess of power and the protector. Pilgrims from the whole nation converge in this place to offer their prayers and offerings to the goddess here. This temple was built by King Kulmandhan Shah, the first shah king of Kaski and a devotee of goddess Durga in 1864. The main temple is a beautiful two-story pagoda with the Statue of Durga and many different Hindu gods. You have a section here where you can feed the fish of Phewa Lake. A visit here is an opportunity to get knowledge of the Hindu culture and tradition from a close distance.

4. Old Pokhara

Pokhara has undoubtedly developed into a beautiful metropolitan city, but there are still some places here packed with rich cultural and historical importance. As being famous for natural beauty and adventure sports this city has an ancient jewel of architecture too. Walk in the streets of Bhairab Tole where there is a 200-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Bhimsen. Visit the local markets here and contrast the lifestyle of the people here with the ones in the city. Similarly, observe the immense Newari culture here. The Old towns of Pokhara give you insights into this beautiful place before Modernization hit this place.

5. International Mountain Museum

Opened in 1990 the International Mountain Museum provides you the records and descriptions of history, development, evolution, and achievements in the field of Mountaineering. It has a collection of artifacts and souvenirs from the summit around the world. We can also study the lifestyle and culture of the people living in the mountains here. Similarly, one can also get information about the peaks from other different nations. This museum holds the stories, gears, and keepsakes of hundreds of mountaineers around the world. A place to get yourself pumped and moving with motivation is this Museum, and you will have a unique experience here.

6. Davis Fall

One of the most visited places in Pokhara, Davis Falls is a narrow underground Waterfall tunneling through the city of Pokhara. Patale Chango as called by the local people is a sight to enjoy in your visit to Pokhara. Rich with Natural and photographic beauty this place as the colossal Fall makes its way through the rocks and stones of the ground. The name Davis Fall has a story of its own. A Swiss couple by the name of Davi was swimming in the spot when the wife drowned in the sinkhole of the fall. The people found her body after three days of tracking and with requests from Davi, the people renamed the fall as Davis fall. As tragic as this story might sound you can’t deny the beauty of the waterfall there.

7. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

The Gupteshor Mahadev cave is famous for its structure and religious value. Translated in English as the cave of hidden god, this cave is about 3 km long, and only a part of it is explorable from Pokhara. Full of Statues and emblems of Hindu gods we can see a magnificent view of Davis fall falling from above the ground towards its end. Explore the cave-dwelling natural wonders in their pure form here.

8. Sarangkot

Situated at an altitude of about 1600 meters Sarangkot is a small village providing a magnificent view of the Mountain Range. During the sunrise and sunset, we can see the rays of the sun hitting the white-faced Himalayas and Annapurna Mountain range to give the heavenly scene of a lifetime. Sarangkot is also the take-off place of the famous Pokhara paragliding.

9. Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini Temple is one of the most reached Hindu temples in the city. It is also one of the oldest Hindu temples of Goddess Bhagwati situated in this whole country. People worship this Temple as one of the Shakti piths which translates as a Place to gain power. Rituals and pujas are performed on different occasions to please goddess Bhagwati. You can get a chance to experience a traditional Hindu marriage here if you are lucky.

10. Seti River Gorge

Gorge formed by the grueling Seti River is a chance to see this unique natural phenomenon where the fast-flowing water of the Seti River flows deep down the gorge cutting the high Mahabharat range. Seti River known for its milky white liquid is beautiful as one can view a particular segment of the canyon from a park near the Gorkha Museum.

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