Tansen Palpa

A jewel hidden in the western hills of Nepal, Tansen Palpa lies on the crest of the Mahabharat range. A beautiful settlement surrounded by lush vegetation-rich high hills, Tansen is culturally affluent. Tansen was a powerful kingdom and a force to reckon with before the Saha dynasty. The Magars ruled this kingdom, and the Newars used it as a trading center in Western Nepal. So, one can see Newari influences in architecture and culture here.

A cultural tour to a kingdom aged 300 years ago with components of that time still intact, Tansen is a place waiting to be discovered. Lying in the lap of Shreenagar Hills Tansen can provide you with memories to remember. With an altitude ranging from 250 to 2,000 meters, one can experience climatic and vegetational diversity in a short distance. A perfect way to enjoy traveling and relaxing along with many unique experiences, visit Tansen.


  • Rani Mahal
  • Newari Houses and narrow street Markets
  • Dhaka Topi(National hat of Nepal)

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