Kirtipur is a culture-affluent city southwest of Kathmandu. The ancient Newar township is a delight for visitors- with its brick-paved streets. Similarly, the settlement is lively with typical red brick houses and tiled roofs. Along with numerous artistic monuments and temple squares, this city is a natural fortress. The history of Kirtipur is one to remember and goes back to 1099 AD. Kritipur was earlier a part of Lalitpur. In the long run, it was annexed into Kathmandu only after three attempts by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1767. The Chilamchu Stupa, Ganesh temple and, also the temple of Bagh Bhairav are unmissable attractions here. Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s premier and significant seat of education, is located here in the realm of Kirtpur.

You will get a novel opportunity to experience the Newari culture at Kritipur. The rich Newari cuisine is also a treat to remember here. Similarly, one can cycle around the streets here and study the lifestyle more closely. The people of Kritipur believe in harmony and Unity. You can see the whole settlement rising in pomp to celebrate local festivals here. For hiking lovers, Kritipur is the starting point for the Day-hike to Champadevi- one of the most taken short hikes around Kathmandu.

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