Boudhanath Stupa

Stroll around and soak in the Positive vibes in the atmosphere of the Boudhanath stupa. An inspiring white molded architecture with the buzzing Buddhist lifestyle and a place where you can rinse your soul. Circle the dome with hundreds of devotees in their spiritual avatar and feel the spirituality of this divine place. Shop your souvenirs from with a large variety of shops surrounding the stupa. One can also sit in the balcony of a hotel there and sip in the Tibetian tea enjoying the glaze and Glory of this amazing Stupa.

Standing more than 120 feet tall Boudhanath is also amongst the tallest Stupa in Asia. Inspired by the Gyangtse of Tibet, the Lichchavi kings of 8th century renovated this stupa. Boudhanath was also the resting and praying place for the Tibetan traders traveling this route to India. Therefore, we can say that Boudhanath is the heart of Tibetian Buddhism in Nepal. On each side of the rectangular top of this stupa, there is a pair of eyes. These eyes reflect the awareness of Lord Buddha upon all of the people.

Decorated with prayer flags staged all over the place we can have a glance at the culture and colorful life. An aroma of incense sticks all around the Stupa gives you a perfect feel of being blessed. Similarly, with the Pilgrims sacred beads and faint mantras, you will reach the next level of fulfillment here.

Nightlife in Boudhanath provides you with a unique experience. With colorful lights and plain Buddhist music running in the background, you can hear the calmness inside your soul. Similarly, you can feed the Pigeons around the Stupa and mingle into the rich culture of life.

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