Namobuddha is amongst those few places near Kathmandu Valley where you can sense the mix of religion and nature. Situated just miles from the city of Dhulikhel the architecture of the Monastery here is just stunning. Namobuddha is a place dedicated to Mahasattva, a young prince who sacrificed his own life to feed a weak, hungry tigress and her cubs. According to the Buddist sutras, he was an incarnation of Shakyamuni Buddha. As pain or trouble can’t be ignored in Buddhist teachings, Mahasavtta is an example of Dedication. His brothers built a monastery here in their brother’s remnants. A story from which you can learn the way of life and discover yourself. Namobuddha is a place you want to visit to experience the Buddhist culture and lifestyle.

While most people prefer to hike about 3 hours from Dhulikhel, you can also drive to the base of the Namobuddha. The terrain is beautiful and a little rough which is best for Mountain biking starters. Buddha statues are glaring with beauty surrounding the monastery too. A positive vibe echoes through the place with prayer flags and spiritual music all over the place. One can also experience quite a variety of Flora in their Namobuddha trek. Generally, you can get an eye-glazing view of hills red with Rhododendron flowers in springtime. The sight of surrounding hills and Ganesh and Jugal mountains is also a treat to your senses. So, rediscover yourself in your Nature clinging and a spiritual visit to Namobuddha.

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