Nagarkot is a small settlement in a hilltop to the north-western side of Kathmandu valley. One of the most popular sites near Kathmandu for people of all ages, Nagarkot is the Midas of natural scenery. Standing in an elevation of 2,175 meters you are sure to have perfect weather in all the climates. Once a natural fortress for Kathmandu it is now a place sharing its undiluted village lifestyle and amazing natural scenery. Only an hour drive from Kathmandu will take you to the area while most people love to trek and pin Nagarkot as their ending point. One can understand this as the excellent view from this village heals all the exhaustion and rinse your soul.

Nagarkot is the only place in Nepal from where you can view about 14 different mountain ranges in a clear day. These ranges consist six of the top 10 highest mountain range of the world. Starting from Kanchenjunga in the east to Dhaulagiri and Mount Everest too, all are visible from a single spot in Earth, Nagarkot. Nagarkot is also a popular destination to view the Himalayan sunrise and sunset in the Horizon. A perfect way to sum up your visit to Nepal and collect the Panoramic scenes from the view tower constructed in the south of the village. Imagine yourself taking fresh air and walking in the trail within the nature crossing small springs in the 360-degree view of majestic mountain range all around you, well that’s Nagarkot in a cauldron.

*Major Attractions:

  • Hymalian sceneries
  • Rhododendron filled red hills in April to June
  • Sunrise and sunset view from the Lookout Tower
  • Trails, leading to popular hiking destinations like Chisapani and Nala.

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