{Entry & Exit Formalities}

Always carry your passport in Sri Lanka. It must be valid over 6 months beyond the end of the travel date to Sri Lanka.

Link for applying for a visa in advance online (www.eta.gov.lk).

Before visiting Sri Lanka, do the following to get a 30-day visa:

  • Apply online in the Sri Lanka electronic visa website (eta.gov.lk) several days before arriving.
  • Once approved print out the visa confirmation.

There is an option to obtain visas at Sri Lankan embassies abroad and then get it from the counter at Bandaranaike International Airport. Although you end up waiting in the queue and pay a higher fee: US$40.

For more details please log on to : http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/visainfo/center.jsp?locale=en_US

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