1. Is it possible to charter a helicopter to Mt. Everest or share a helicopter with some of your other clients?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible for you to a charter helicopter for any dates with clean weather. Similarly, for the group joining, you can join other enthusiasts or let us find the group (if available) for you. Therefore, you can see helicopter details here: https://everestnepaltours.com/helicopter-tour-to-everest-base-camp/
  2. Do you know any short walks/hikes/treks in Nepal that are relatively flat have beautiful panoramic views and are not full of tourists?
    Answer: Nepal is best for trekking /hiking, especially for mountain views and local life. There are many hiking areas with a touristy and less-touristy area for any duration. Also, have a flat hike with village views and mountain panoramic views, and mountain trekking. Similarly, as you are in Nepal you can get panoramic views from every spot you climb up.
  3. In Nepal, can we able to hire a local guide for a one-day hike around Kathmandu, rather than a packaged hike?
    Answer: Hiking is among the most popular tourist activity in Nepal. Yes, a local hiking guide is available in Nepal and we can manage you one. similarly, there are different multiple-day hiking trips around Kathmandu that you can take.
  4. Is it possible, if we don’t like to include any factories, craft stores, schools, etc.?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible to include factories, craft stores, schools, museums, monuments, markets, and food places other than your specific destinations in your tour. Similarly, you can consult your local guide for specific art tours too.
  5. We’ve found a walk online that looks lovely: Nagarkot to Nala. How much of each of those walks is uphill and downhill? What are the difficulties?
    Answer: Nagarkot to Nala falls under easy hiking with most of the path heading downhill. You can reach Nagarkot by vehicle which covers most of your uphill hike.  Similarly, this hike is perfect for observing the villages and local farmers with their lifestyles.
  6. Is the Temple of Kumari on our current itinerary, Hanuman Dhoka?
    Answer: Yes, it is included in our current itinerary. However, you are not able to take photographs in the temple.
  7. Are the Patan Museum, Royal Palace Plaza/Mul Chow, and Kumbeshwar Temple on our current itinerary?
    Answer: Yes all these places rich in culture and history are included in your itinerary. Your local guide will make sure you won’t miss any of these beautiful destinations.
  8. Are the Bhaktapur Royal Palace Plaza and Durbar Square included in our current itinerary?
    Answer: Yes these places are under the list of World Heritage sites and are included in your current itinerary.

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