Nepal has a beautiful climate which is another major reason of attraction for the tourists to come over here. It has had a distinctive sparkling clean ambiance for many months. The wet season of monsoon lasts from June to September and the dry season is from October to April or May. The best seasons to visit Nepal are autumn and spring which lasts from September to November and from March to May respectively. During the spring season, the winters drop to a chilly ambiance, with an alluring snowfall on the peak of mountains making the view captivating.

However, the dry season also is good to visit Nepal for many reasons. As the monsoon has just finished the whole environment of the countryside is blossoming and green, and the sparkling fresh and clean air makes the Himalayan view mesmerizing though the climate is still a bit temperate.

A few people also prefer to tour Nepal in December and January though the temperature on high altitudes is freezing. The trekking fanatics must come to Nepal during these months only if they want to enjoy the Everest base camp it is a real deed of endurance and excitement. The mornings and evenings in December are nippy here.

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