Coronavirus Outbreak: Is Asia Safe to Travel?

6 Feb 2020 Asia Experiences


The Corona Virus outbreak is turning out to be a major thing of concern for travel-loving enthusiasts around the world. Centered on the Wuhan province in China, it has reached in few other places in the world. However, the confirmed cases in these countries are mostly due to the personnel return back from their visit to China. The matter overseas is similar and WHO confirmed that the virus has started and expanded in mainland China. In recent days, China is controlling by blocking the Wuhan province. Most confirmed cases are taken care of in the Quarantine. Is Asia safe to Travel ?or should I cancel my trip there?

While traveling to mainland China is not completely safe, there are many other regions of Asia with no effect from the Corona Virus. Even neighbors countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka are perfectly fine to travel with few precautions for additional assurance. These countries have well managed precautionary drills to avoid any possible cases representing the Coronavirus. So the answer is yes, you are safe to travel in Asia as long as you choose the destinations wisely.

With in-depth research and thorough examination from the specialist, the AE team has extracted perfectly safe destinations to travel in Asia. These are:-

Nepal: – Nepal had only one suspected situation of an individual infected from the virus. The treatment completed successfully with none other scenarios arriving. It means any traveler here can enjoy the culture and nature of this wonderful nation without any fuss about the virus. TAAN has also had a press release about a safety issue in Nepal, and it assured that Nepal is safe for visitors. One can be here and enjoy their vacation in the lap of the Himalayas. 

Nepal bhaktapur

Bhutan: – Bhutan remains untouched by the Coronavirus. This gem in the Himalayas is one of the safest places to travel in Asia. Although sharing Boundary with Tibet, Bhutan has no symptoms of the virus whatsoever. Being one of the healthiest holiday destinations in the world, you can certainly travel here carefree even during the outbreak. Be there and have a wonderful trip in the hearts of the local culture.

Myanmar: – Like Bhutan, Myanmar also has zero known or suspected individuals from the Novel Corona Virus. As per the news reports the nation of Myanmar tested negative of the virus. As one of the regulated and naturally gifted nations to visit, you need not worry about the virus during your visit here. Myanmar is also in the top ten cultural destinations to be in 2021. So, choosing Myanmar is one of the best choices if you want to travel to Asia for the holidays.

Bangladesh: – Bangladesh is another beautiful destination that you can be for your holidays without worrying about the coronavirus. There are none suspected cases of the virus and you can enjoy the Bengali culture and cuisine fully during your visit. Bangladesh has only suspended the Visa on arrival (VOA) system for the Chinese citizens (temporarily), so travelers from other nations can enjoy their visit there.

India: – India has witnessed three cases of Coronavirus all of these were rescued students from Wuhan City. As a vast country, you can travel to different cities of the country untouched by Corona Virus. Some of the cities have banned Chinese tourists for the time being. Similarly, India also has one of the most secure scanning system isolating any individual with the symptoms immediately. Enjoy the vibrant streets and diverse cuisine of India.

Sri Lanka: –  Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean has a single confirmed case of Coronavirus and that being the rescued student from China. The personnel was treated timely and as of now, there is no reason not to visit this wonderful country. Sri Lanka is doing its parts with research in the ayurvedic/herbal medications for treating the virus as well. Enjoy your time in the pristine beaches without any worry about the virus.

The rescued people from the Wuhan Province of China, have been under 14 days of monitoring for any possible symptoms of the Corona Virus. And few suspected cases have been treated or checked to defy with evidence. Having said that, pack your bags and be there to enjoy your vacation in Asia. 

Travelers heading to these regions are most likely to go through screening in the airports. Here, your body temperature will be checked with a few other tests. Further examinations could be conducted for individuals with symptoms matching the virus. All these procedures will delay entering the countries but rest assured you are good to go.

However, if you are sick or infected with any other Flu or illness, try postponing your plan for the time being. You can travel when fully fine and also avoid the risk of quarantine and testing here. The government has been absolute on preventing the virus in these countries. So be patient and take the brief tests in the airports for better experiences.

Tips for assuring your safe travel 

Even if there is nothing to worry about while traveling in the above-mentioned nations, you can take our tips for your content.

  • Use Masks while traveling in crowded regions, keep physical greetings to minimum
  • Wash your hands properly after using the Public facilities
  • Avoid close contact with sick or ill people
  • Use hand sanitizers regularly, if you are in the Himalayas use soap and water
  • Participate in health monitoring points at the airport
  • Avoid raw meat and dishes involving them
  • As preventive measure of Coronavirus is largely similar to that of Flu, follow hygienic options accordingly
  • Use clean drinking water and foods while in the rural region of Asia

If you were in China before your planned trip (last 14-30 days):-

  • Seek medical advice and do a whole body checkup
  • Do not travel if sick (any other disease as well)
  • Take regular temperature analysis and consult a doctor in case of fever
  • Any symptoms (brief or elongated) like difficulty in breathing, sore throat, coughing, etc. must be consulted 
  • Stay at home for some period before traveling again, in some cases the symptoms arrive late after the Coronavirus transmission.

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