Is Bhutan worth visiting?

13 Nov 2022 Asia Experiences

Bhutan is a small land-locked nation popularly known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. The traditional name for this mystical nation is “Druk Yul”. Bhutan remained isolated from the...

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best culture of bhutan

How much does a Bhutan Trip Cost 2022/2023?

4 Sep 2022 Asia Experiences

If anyone planning to visit Bhutan, they may have so many queries relating to the overall cost trip to Bhutan. Below we have listed some possible queries with suitable answers that...

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bhutan local life

Traveling Bhutan after pandemic: What to expect?

28 Aug 2022 Asia Experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic has terrified the entire world. The whole country had to suffer the consequences and Bhutan also could not remain untouched by it. All sectors are completely affected...

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Nepal Bhutan Luxury Tour


29 Jun 2022 Asia Experiences

GOOD NEWS!!! Re-opens on September 23, 2022 Raise Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) to the USD 200 per person per night SDF for Indians and Bangladeshis is INR 1200 per person...

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Bhutan #1 : Best in Travel 2021 by Lonely Planet

18 Oct 2019 Asia Experiences

The curtains have come down as Lonely Planet one of the most prominent Travel Gladiators have declared Bhutan, 'The Land of Thunder Dragon ', as the best country to travel...

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Majestic 13 days in Nepal and Bhutan, A tour to remember

31 Dec 2018 Asia Experiences

I wanted to visit and explore Asia during my vacation this year and also return before Christmas to my home. After a quick research, I decided to go to an...

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The top 10 best place to visit in Bhutan

31 Dec 2018 Asia Experiences

Bhutan, (The Land of the Thunder Dragon) is the small Buddhist Kingdom situated in the eastern Himalayas about the between China and India. It was a landlocked country in South Asia....

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Why Traveller’s are Ready To Pay US $200-$250 a Day in Bhutan?

19 Nov 2017 Asia Experiences

Updated 06/12/2022 Bhutan has revamped its Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) that means it has permanently removed its Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR). As per new SDF implementation, now travelers must...

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