kunming laos railway

China-Laos Railway Opens new Avenues on Multi-country tours in Southeast Asia

19 Dec 2021 Asia Experiences

The newly opened China-Laos railway connecting the largest city of Yunnan province Kunming and the capital of Laos Vientiane has made global headlines. It is perceived by many as one...

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Holi - Celebrate the perfect harmony of colors in South Asia

Holi – Celebrate the perfect harmony of colors in South Asia

30 Mar 2021 Asia Experiences

Holi, the festival of colors, is easily one of the most recognized Hindu festivals in the world. Holi is big and fantastic. Over a billion people around the world come...

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The Wait is Over: Travelers in South Asia for 2021-2022 after the COVID Pandemic

12 Mar 2021 Asia Experiences

Pandemic has paused travel around the world for some time now. Once it looked that the damages to the tourism industry were irreversible but it has been recovering steadily. The...

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Travel Plans to Asia for 2021- COVID -19: Impact Update in the Indian Sub-continent and more…

12 Aug 2020 Asia Experiences

The travel plans for 2021 for most travelers have gone down the drain, but is it the last of the travel itself? Definitely not. Wise and passionate travelers are already...

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Is Asia still Safe to Travel?

6 Feb 2020 Asia Experiences

The Corona Virus outbreak is turning out to be a major thing of concern for travel-loving enthusiasts around the world. Centered on the Wuhan province in China, it has reached...

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our guest at nagarkot tour

A Life-changing experience; Nepal Tibet & Bhutan Tour

8 Dec 2019 Asia Experiences

Soaring beside the curtain in the Himalayas A life-changing experience, a unique dose of cultural bliss balanced perfectly with breathtaking sceneries; the views of the snow-capped giants and the warm...

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Discovering the hidden gem of Asia: Nepal, Tibet (overland), and Bhutan with Asia Experiences

19 Jul 2019 Asia Experiences

After planning and postponing the trip to the Himalayas multiple times in the past 18 months, my friend Masako and I thought that our next vacation would be the one....

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Fascinating time and experience of hidden Asia: Tour of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar

2 Apr 2019 Asia Experiences

As a travel-loving couple, my husband and I love to travel to new places and know the people better. We have been thinking for a vacation here for a year,...

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