South Asia Tour from Australia

31 Mar 2024 Umesh Paneru

South Asia Tour from Australia

South Asia needs no introduction and from all over the world traveling is possible. The flights are easily available from all continents to South Asia. Among all continents, the South Asia tour from Australia is available from two major cities: Sydney and Melbourne. The tour of this remarkable destination is a perfect combination of history, culture, traditions, and natural wonders. Not only has this, but the food here had also a separate fan base among the visitors of diverse nations. Traveling to South Asia is safe where visitors can admire the true beauty of the amazing landmarks, their rich culture and history, natural and adventurous attractions, and unique flavorful exotic cuisines. Undeniably South Asia tour for Australians will be an unforgettable one and we ensure they will love it and want to travel frequently.

Direct Flights from Australia to South Asia

Australia is one of the top 50 nations in the world to travel to South Asia annually. If Australian travelers are planning to travel to South Asia but wonder about the availability of flights. There are numerous direct flights from the two biggest cities of Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) to the cities of South Asia. The connecting flights are also easily available and hence, they need not worry about the flights. Furthermore, the Visa process is also quick and easy for Australians. According to the destination, they must collect either an online E-Visa or an On-Arrival Visa.

Airline connectivity from Australia to South Asia

There are direct flights to several South Asian nations from Australia’s two biggest cities i.e. Sydney and Melbourne. From Sydney, there are direct flights to cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Colombo, Bangkok, Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, and Hangzhou

Likewise, there are direct flights to New Delhi, Mumbai, Colombo, Bangkok, Chengdu, and Beijing from Melbourne. Australian travelers needn’t worry about the flights to the cities or nations not mentioned above as the connecting flights are easily available.

Recommended tour packages 

South Asia tour is perfect for Australians as there are abundant historical, cultural, natural, and adventurous destinations to explore. They can travel to these destinations according to their preferences. Travelers seeking to immerse in the rich culture and ancient history of South Asia, there are thousands of cultural heritages and historical landmarks. The cultural heritages in each destination hold great significance and are aesthetically phenomenal with their intricate art and architecture. Some examples are the spiritual monasteries in Bhutan, ancient and historical temples and stupas in Nepal and India, etc. Likewise, Nepal is famous for mountain hiking and trekking with some adventurous sports like white water rafting, bungee jumping, hot-air balloon rides, Canyoning, mountain biking, and many more. Bangladesh is rich in its natural mangrove forest while Sri Lanka has some fascinating beaches and archaeological marvels which can be a great research hub for archaeology enthusiasts. 

South Asia is a complete package for Australians where they can delve deeper into the cultural and historic landmarks, nature tours for trekking, hiking, jungle safari, adventure tours for exciting and thrilling activities, and beach tours for relaxation. South Asia tour is also popular for its exotic and authentic flavorful cuisines. So, food lovers can also tour South Asia and try unique multiple cuisines and satisfy their taste buds. South Asia Tour has something to offer for all types of Australian travelers and we ensure they can be satisfied with the offerings. Some recommended South Asia tour packages are:

5-star Luxury hotels Recommend

South Asia has abundant accommodation types which include 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels for diverse types of travelers. But the 3-star and 4-star hotels in South Asia don’t match the standards that Australians expect in their hometown, Europe, or America. Therefore, we recommend 5-star luxury hotels for Australians in South Asia as there are abundant finest luxury hotels with premium facilities that meet their expectations. An incredible and comfortable traveling experience in South Asia is guaranteed during your stays at these 5-star luxury hotels.

Benefits of choosing a local operator and a private tour 

We highly suggest that Australian citizens go for a local tour operator and a private tour during South Asia tours for the following benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge of the region
  • Flexibility to customize the itinerary
  • Arrangement of Private Tours
  • Individual Preferences focused
  • Intimate and immersive experience
  • Contribution to Local Business
  • Time-saving and Reasonable Price
  • More authentic and rewarding travel experience

Getting a visa for Australian citizens

It is an easier process to get a Visa for Australian citizens traveling to South Asia.  Online E-Visa is easily available for some nations in South Asia while some nation requires On-Arrival Visas. The Visa process is smooth and quick for all South Asia and Southeast Asian nations except for Tibet (China).

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