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Best Time to Visit South Asia

19 Jul 2024 Umesh Paneru

Many might wonder when the best time to visit South Asia is. South Asia is a region with diversity in geography and climate which makes it a worthy destination to...

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Cultural Capitals of Cambodia and Laos Easy Connectivity

9 Jul 2024 Umesh Paneru

Asia Experiences is delighted to present a blog on ‘Cultural Capitals of Cambodia and Laos Easy Connectivity’. Cambodia and Laos are two amazing destinations in Southeast Asia that are popular...

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11 amazing facts of nepal

11 Amazing Facts about Nepal

18 Jun 2024 Umesh Paneru

Nepal is a small beautiful land-locked country in South Asia bordered by Tibet (China) in the north and India in the east, west, and south. Nepal is a culturally and...

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20 Interesting Facts about Bhutan

20 Interesting Facts about Bhutan

4 Jun 2024 Umesh Paneru

Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy small landlocked country in South Asia where Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion. The country bordered by Tibet (China) in the north and Indian states...

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How Handle Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness Guidelines for Tibet Travel

24 May 2024 Umesh Paneru

Tibet, the autonomous region of China is best known as the ‘Roof of the World’. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is at an elevation of 3,656 m (11,990 ft.) and...

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India Ladakh Travel

Travel Guide : Leh Ladakh Luxury Tour

14 May 2024 Umesh Paneru

Leh, the joint capital of Ladakh lies at an elevation of 3,500m and is the largest city in Ladakh. The city is located on the bank of the Indus River....

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25 Things to Know Before Bhutan Travel

6 May 2024 Umesh Paneru

Are you planning to travel to Bhutan? Bhutan is a magical nation that is the only carbon-negative nation in the world. This magical nation remained isolated from the world until...

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Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

8 Apr 2024 Umesh Paneru

Bangladesh is one of the traveler’s best destinations in South Asia. The world’s 8th most populated nation borders India to the north, east, and west and Myanmar to the southeast....

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South Asia Tour from Australia

South Asia Tour from Australia

31 Mar 2024 Umesh Paneru

South Asia needs no introduction and from all over the world traveling is possible. The flights are easily available from all continents to South Asia. Among all continents, the South...

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Nepal Bhutan Luxury Tour

Hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

2 Feb 2024 Umesh Paneru

Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery needs no introduction as it is one of the most coveted destinations in Bhutan. It is listed in every Bhutan itinerary and several tourists of different...

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