1. I guess we aren’t allowed to wander in Tibet by ourselves but with a guide. Is that correct?
    Answer: Yes, you aren’t allowed to stroll around Tibet by yourself. You must book your tour with a tour agency providing you with a guide and a vehicle. The Chinese Government controls Tibet so one must follow these regulations here.
  2. While reading about Lhasa online, the amount of emphasis on altitude sickness is a bit sobering. How much walking and climbing can we do?
    Answer: The Lhasa tour is easy as your tour is within the city only. One can feel nauseous for a couple of hours after your flight but your body will acclimatize quickly. Similarly, We can reach most of the monuments by vehicle, so there is no need to walk more. We only have to walk some steps to‘ Potala Palace’ but it is comparatively easy.
  3. What hotel do you plan to use in Lhasa? How far from Barkhor and the Old Town?
    Answer: We choose the best possible hotels for you at an affordable price covering necessary services. Barkhor and the Old Town are not too far from each other(0.6 miles).
  4. Is it true that we have to use oxygen tanks while staying at hotels?
    Answer: You don’t always have to wear Oxygen in your stay at the Hotel of Tibet. But yes, Oxygen tanks are available at most hotels and vehicles for emergency and extreme conditions.
  5. Can we add Rongphu Monastery, Gyantse Kumbum, Ganden Monastery, Sakya Monastery, and Lake Yamdok? Are these close enough and included in our itinerary?
    Answer: Yes, you may add these sites but you may need a minimum of 1 extra day for each site as most of these places are outside of Lhasa.

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