How safe to travel to South Asia and South-east Asia?

24 Jul 2023 Asia Experiences

south asia and south-east asia travel

South Asian and Southeast Asian countries offer unique cultures, traditions, heritages, and natural attractions for travelers to enjoy. If you’re planning to travel to South Asian and South-East Asian destinations and have concerns about their safety, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the present status of these destinations. All the South and South-East Asian destinations namely – Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, and the Tibet region – are safe to travel to. While some of these nations had safety issues in the past, they have taken measures to ensure the safety of tourists. To ensure a pleasant and memorable trip, travelers should adhere to the guidance issued by the respective governments and take necessary precautions.

Let’s discuss the How safe to travel to South Asia and South-East Asia Destinations in detail below:


Tibet, the Roof of the World is a spiritually rich region in China that beckons travelers with breathtaking landscapes, ancient monasteries, and vibrant festivals.

Is Tibet safe to travel?

Tibet reopened its doors to all travelers with strict safety measures and new regulations in place to ensure a secure and safe travel experience. Yes, Tibet is safe to travel as the government has taken comprehensive steps to guarantee the safety of visitors, making Tibet a confident choice for travel.

Is it safe to travel solo in Tibet for females?

Yes, solo travelers, including females, can safely visit Tibet with organized tours. With good public security and kind locals, it offers a secure travel experience.

Is Tibet safe for American Tourists?

Yes, Tibet is open and safe for American tourists. Connect with us for the latest travel advisories and guidelines issued by the respective authorities before planning your trip.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka attracts travelers with mesmerizing heritage, landscapes, wildlife, beaches, hospitality, and festivals.

Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists now?

Yes, Sri Lanka is safe for tourists now. All earlier issues have settled down and now visitors can travel to Sri Lanka freely and safely.

Is Sri Lanka travel safe for female solo travelers?

Yes, Sri Lanka travel is safe for female solo travelers and other solo travelers. We provide the guide and they should follow the instructions and stick to travel guidance.


Nepal is renowned for the world’s tallest Mt. Everest and as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. It attracts global tourists with its majestic mountains, rich heritage, art, culture, and attractive landscapes, perfect for trekking and cultural exploration.

Is Nepal safe for tourists?

Yes, Nepal is absolutely safe for tourists. Tourists can explore the city areas easily and freely. Also, for hiking and mountain trekking, the mandatory licensed guide accompanies you. A guide ensures safety, and security, and provides insights and guidance for a better experience.

How safe is Nepal for solo travelers including females?

Yes, Nepal is completely safe for solo travelers including females. Connect with us for the latest development on travel advisories. To enhance the safety of tourists, a licensed guide accompanies you throughout the tour.


The Himalayan nation Bhutan attracts visitors with its pristine landscapes, rich Buddhist traditions, unique cultural heritage, and a philosophy that values happiness above all else, making it a truly magical and extraordinary destination.

Is Bhutan safe to travel to?

Yes, Bhutan is one of the safest nations to travel to. The government strongly emphasizes on safety and well-being of tourists. Thus, the crime rate is very low and tourists can travel with a guide securely and safely without worries.

Is Bhutan safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Bhutan is very safe for solo female travelers. Bhutanese people are friendly and respectable. Hence, the nation is safe for female solo travelers. For a smooth trip, a guide accompanies you ensuring extra safety and necessary guidance. For any queries, connect with us.


India is a diverse nation with its ancient heritage, vibrant festivals, majestic landmarks, varied landscapes, and warm hospitality that attracts travelers. They can experience rich cultural experiences and attractive landmarks with natural wonders.

Is India safe to travel for tourists?

Yes, India is safe for tourists to travel. India is one of the leading destinations for tourists to travel. Still, tourists should be careful to prevent scams and petty thefts in some regions and crowded places. However, India is safe and offers varied amazing experiences for tourists.

Is India safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, India is safe for solo female travelers. Solo female travelers can experience a more secure and smooth tour with the guide’s assistance. Strictly follow the travel guidelines and stay connected with us for the latest travel advisories.


Bangladesh is a fascinating nation that boasts a vibrant culture, lush landscapes, rich heritage, unique beauty, and welcoming locals.

Is Bangladesh a safe nation to visit?

Yes, Bangladesh is generally a safe nation to visit. Travelers should be careful to prevent scams and pickpockets while traveling to some rural regions and especially in crowded areas.

Is solo travel possible in Bangladesh?

Yes, solo travel in Bangladesh is feasible for all, including females. For a better traveling experience and to prevent scams, we assist you with a guide who ensures safety as well as takes care of your necessities.

Is Bangladesh dangerous for tourists to travel to?

Bangladesh is one of the safest nations for tourists to travel to. But, tourists should be cautious while traveling to crowded places and some rural regions to prevent scams, thefts, or petty crimes. To ensure safety, traveling with a guide and being aware of surroundings can help lessen potential risks. By taking necessary precautions and remaining alert, tourists can enjoy a secure and enjoyable experience in this beautiful country.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a lovely nation that mesmerizes travelers with its rich history, diverse cultures, and breathtaking scenery.

Is Myanmar travel safe for tourists now?

Yes, Myanmar travel is safe for tourists in limited regions such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Heho (Inle Lake). Travelers should strictly follow the code of conduct of Myanmar. A guide always accompanies you and tourists should strictly follow the guide’s instructions to stay safe.

What is the problem in Myanmar?

The post-coup crimes against humanity, threats to different ethnicities, women, etc. have caused civil unrest in Myanmar which is a major problem. It has led to civil war and due to this most of the regions are dangerous for tourists in Myanmar. Except for Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Heho, other regions are not safe to travel.

What are the dangers for tourists in Myanmar?

The ongoing civil unrest which has caused civil war is a possible danger for tourists in some rural regions and high-risk areas in Myanmar. It is best for tourists to stay away from restricted areas and be non-involvement in their matters. We highly recommend avoiding traveling to High-risk areas, and rural areas. Always travel with a guide, follow the instructions and issued guidelines. Take local support if necessary.


Laos, the ‘Land of a Million Elephants,’ attracts with its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, featuring stunning waterfalls (Kuang Si, Tad Fane) and serene landscapes.

Is Laos safe for tourists?

Yes, Laos is relatively safe and peaceful nation to travel to for tourists. Tourists can roam openly and explore the regions. While traveling, just exercise normal safety precautions to prevent scams in some regions.

Is Laos dangerous for tourists?

Laos stands out as one of the safest and most tourist-friendly nations for travelers. The government’s strong rule and welcoming atmosphere create a secure environment for tourists. However, like in any destination, it’s essential to remain cautious against petty thefts or scams that may occur in certain regions. Stay aware and enjoy a wonderful and safe travel experience to Laos. Furthermore, a guide assistance makes your Laos tour more memorable.

Is solo traveling in Laos possible?

Yes, solo traveling for all including females is possible. Laos, being a friendly and safe nation, female travelers can travel freely in all regions. But, be vigilant and exercise normal safety precautions to prevent scams and thefts in certain regions. Create some best memories in this wonderful nation.

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