Thingyan Water Festival is popular in most of South Asia and is one of the most joyous celebrations of this region. This festival marks the Burmese New Year and celebrates the end of the old year in many traditional ways. Water is the main component among others acting as the cleansing agent of the body and soul. Hence people gather in the streets dowsing each other with water and spreading the joy of the new beginning. Children and adults alike participate in the Thingyan Water Festival with buckets and hoses and enjoy the New Year. Although much has changed with the celebration of the younger generation, one can still feel the positive energy and unity this very time of the year. Visitors from all around the world participate in this festival. One can also try some local treats and blend in with the locals at the Thingyan Water Festival.

Festivals are the best times to visit any nation and it becomes more prominent when we are talking about Myanmar. The lively environment, delicious cuisine, traditional celebrations, welcoming locals, and the overall showcase of the culture here is one to experience and relish for any visitor to this incredible nation. Be a part of it and return with wonderful lifelong memories with Asia Experiences.

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