Number 1 Bhutan : Best in Travel 2021 by Lonely Planet

18 Oct 2019 Asia Experiences


Lonely Planet declares Bhutan as the best country to travel to for the year 2021. Surprisingly, it surpasses the likes of England, North Macedonia, and Aruba. Not only that, it even surpassed hyped destinations like Costa Rica and the Netherlands. As a whole, this hidden gem of Asia is a paradise stop by. Given these points, get your backpack ready and write the next chapter of your travel diary here. The number 1 Bhutan as the best destination listed by Lonely Planet for the year 2021.

Bhutan is a nation bound by culture and traditional Buddhism. So, experience the unspoiled adventure forever in Bhutan. As can be seen smiling locals welcome you from the very first step in this wonderland which is wonderful. The centuries-old monasteries and magnificent dzongs make the way for some breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains. In fact, Bhutan is one and only ‘Carbon Negative Country’ in the world . The diverse vegetation and wildlife alongside some magical scenery to wake up for every morning, what more is there to ask for in a vacation? Join us for a memorable tour in magical Kingdom of Bhutan.

punakha bhutan
Punakha, Bhutan

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