Convenient nonstop or single-stop flights for your travel to South Asia and Southeast Asia

20 Aug 2023 Asia Experiences

Convenient nonstop or single-stop flights for your travel to South Asia and Southeast Asia

Planning a trip to South Asia and Southeast Asia but unsure about flight options? This article is here to answer your questions and offer insights. Discover whether direct or 1-stop flights are available from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada, and find out which Asian nations offer direct connections to travel to South Asian nations. Find out why getting round-trip flights to these countries is a smart choice. And learn how easily accessible direct flights to South Asian destinations from here can make your trip even more valuable. Get all the insights you need to make confident travel decisions in one complete read.

Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok stands as a renowned hotspot for tourists, operating direct flight connections from numerous countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, and various European countries. If you take a round-trip flight to Bangkok and intend to explore South Asia and Southeast Asia, you’ll have no trouble finding direct flights to these countries.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Bangkok

Starting from Bangkok, you can easily find direct flights to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The exciting part is that there are daily flights available to each of these countries, with multiple options in a single day. With Asia Experiences, you can embrace happiness and a worry-free mindset, as we take charge of your travel plans, itinerary, services, and preferences from this point forward. We’re committed to crafting a memorable and stress-free South and Southeast Asia tour tailored to your desires.


Singapore is another famous Asian destination that attracts many tourists. It enjoys an array of direct flight connections from Australia, the USA, Canada, and various European nations. If you’re planning to explore South and Southeast Asia while you are in Singapore, finding direct flights is easy, so you can travel without worries. We suggest considering a round-trip flight to Singapore for a convenient and comfortable experience.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Singapore

Direct flights to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam are available from Singapore. However, it’s important to note that the regularity of flights to each country on a daily or weekly basis might be lower compared to Bangkok. But don’t worry, as we’ll take care of your entire travel plan, providing you with a customized itinerary that fits your preferences.

Singapore copy

Beijing or Chengdu (China)

Beijing or Chengdu in China also attracts many tourists, especially those traveling to Tibet & other mainland cities. With direct and connecting flights from various nations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and European nations tourists can easily arrive here. Having a round-trip ticket to Beijing or Chengdu is favorable. Beijing or Chengdu offers a direct flight facility giving you a great opportunity to explore not only Tibet but also nearby countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Beijing or Chengdu

Rest assured, Asia Experience has got you covered. There’s no need to worry because we’ll take care of everything. We’ll handle all the arrangements for direct flights to captivating destinations like Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand from Beijing or Chengdu. Just share your travel wish list with us, and we’ll make it all happen smoothly.

Kunming (China)

Kunming is another popular destination in China besides, Beijing and Chengdu. Traveling to Kunming is easier due to the facilities of direct and 1-stop connecting flights including popular nations such as Canada, Australia, European nations, and the USA. Tibet travel is easy from here too as there are direct flight from Kunming to Lhasa(Tibet). Similarly, if you want to travel to different South Asia and Southeast Asian countries from Kunming, even with a round-trip flight ticket, you can do so with ease.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Kunming

Securing direct flights to Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand from Kunming is not a big deal. When you choose Asia Experiences, you can have peace of mind and rely on our services tailored to your preferences.

New Delhi (India)

New Delhi is a renowned destination for tourists having numerous direct flights. Tourists from around the world, including well-known places like the USA, Canada, Australia, and various European nations, can conveniently visit. If you tour around New Delhi and have a desire to explore other nearby South Asian countries, It is easy from here and no need to worry. The process is straightforward since direct flights to these nations are readily available. For your convenience, we suggest considering a round-trip flight ticket from your end to ensure a smooth return.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from New Delhi

Leave all the arrangements for your desired destinations to us at Asia Experiences. Simply share your travel plans, preferences, and demands, and we’ll take care of the rest. Direct flights to Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand are readily available from India.

Kathmandu (Nepal)

Kathmandu with limited direct flights and many 1-stop connecting flights is a popular hub for tourists for trekking. Enjoying your time in Kathmandu and thinking about extending your tour to other South Asian nations, it is possible as direct flights to nearby South Asian countries are readily accessible. To ensure a smooth and cost-effective tour experience, we recommend considering a round-trip flight ticket to and from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Kathmandu

Easily accessible direct flights to Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand from Kathmandu are expertly arranged by us, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable tour experience across these nations.

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Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Dhaka offers tourists a fantastic experience. Although the choices for direct flights are limited and many connecting flights, reaching Dhaka remains hassle-free. Starting from Dhaka, you can conveniently explore other South Asian nations. Direct flights are available, making your journey less stressful, but keep in mind that direct flight options might be limited. It is better if you have a two-way flight ticket.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Dhaka

Embarking from Dhaka, we’ll take care of all arrangements, ensuring an all-in-one and unforgettable journey. Direct flights to Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are available from Dhaka.

Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka has become a popular tourist destination lately. Colombo becomes easier to reach due to the presence of direct flights and connecting flights from popular destinations worldwide. If you’re in Colombo and want to explore other South Asian countries, it’s very doable. To ensure a smooth return to your starting point, considering a round-trip flight is a good idea.

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Colombo

From Colombo, you can find direct flights to Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, and India. While the frequency of daily flights might be lower, and some could even operate every week, you can trust Asia Experiences to handle all the arrangements with our reliable services.

colombo bandaranaike international airport cmb copy
COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – FEBRUARY 19, 2014: Sri Lankan Airplane parked on apron in front of air traffic control tower at Bandaranaike International Airport. It is hub of Sri Lankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka.

Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Getting to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh is feasible and hassle-free through direct connecting flights from around the globe. While not as renowned as Bangkok or Singapore, there exists a limited yet convenient availability of direct flights that simplifies tourists’ travel. From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, it is very much possible to travel to Southeast Asian destinations without worry. Direct flights to these destinations are readily accessible, ensuring travelers can explore these places with ease. Opting for a round-trip flight ticket is advisable, as it eliminates worries about your return and offers a reasonable option. 

Direct flights to South Asian nations from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh

Direct flights to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand can be taken from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Despite the limited flight options, rest assured that our tailor-made travel plans will ensure you have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that perfectly caters to your preferences.

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