Bogra is a prime commercial hub in Northern Bangladesh and is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. It is popular for its several ancient Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples, Muslim Sultans, and ancient palaces of Buddhist Kings.

The Konai, Daokoba, and Jamuna are the principal rivers here. Mahasthangarh near Bogra is a popular urban archaeological site. An ancient city Pundranagara is considered sacred to Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus equally. Mahasthangar, Nawab Palace, Kherua Mosque, Gokul Medh, etc. are attractive and popular landmarks.

Major Attractions


Mahasthangarh Museum

Behular Bashor Ghor

Bogra Cantonment

Kherua Mosque

Gokul Medh

Shatmatha Bazar

Nandail Dighi

Jamuna Bridge

Kusumba Mosque

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