Dhaka describes Bangladesh as a whole. A vibrant and lively city with so much to offer to any travelers
heading to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a megacity and also one of the oldest in the whole of Asia. It has
been the core of commercial and cultural exchange throughout the Mughal Empire and the years

following it. Additionally, this city has two sides, modern ones taking care of all your travel amenities a
more medieval form of itself treating you with the historic and cultural delights. In other words, Dhaka is
for everyone. Within a rickshaw ride, you will have an instant connection to the streets and locals here.
These amongst many are the reasons behind many travelers here pick Dhaka as the must-explore place
in Bangladesh. Here are some of the many beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh.

National Parliament House:
In the heart of Dhaka’s bustling commercial city is one of the largest legislative cities in the world the
Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban. Designed by the legendary architect Louis Khan, building and periphery covers
over 200 acres of land. To put it all the lawns, lakes and the whole structure represents the Bangladeshi
culture perfectly. Apart from the main legislative segment, other parts of the National Parliament House
is open to visitors throughout the year. Similarly, across the road, there is a Crescent lake accompanied
by a beautiful garden named Chandrima Uddan for your visit as well. The unique and contemporary
design of Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is one not to miss in Dhaka.

Lalbagh Fort:
The Lalbagh Fort is one of the most iconic and historic forts in Bangladesh. This 17th-century
masterpiece is a key and picturesque palace was started by the then Prince Mohammed Azam. This fort
was never fully completed as it was less popular after the capital was transferred from Dhaka to
Murshidabad. First called by the name of Aurangabad, it was later renamed as the Lalbagh fort marking
the end of a royal Mughal era. The fort can be separated into three parts: the main mosque, the tomb of
Bibi Pari and Diwan-i-Aam. The two gateways to the Lalbagh fort are partly damaged with some
paintings in the palace showing them in their original condition. Recent archeological research has found
the continuity of the remaining part of the fort and even some new parts of the Lalbagh Fort. Lalbagh
Fort is open for the visitors to explore and get closer to the Mughal history in Dhaka.

Sonargaon or also locally popular as the location for the ‘city of Panam’ or ‘Panamnagar’ is an ancient
historical city within a short drive from Dhaka. Sonargaon is one of the most visited tourist areas in
Dhaka province. Historically it was a port and trading center and at some time was also a capital of the
old region of Bengal. As one can expect of the Capital, Sonargaon boasts an exquisite convergence of
monuments, Mosque, and cultural components here. The ancient Goladi Mosque, Tomb of the 3rd
sultan of Bangladesh, Bara Sadar bari and the lost city of Panam are some of the must be attractions in
Sonargaon. Panam city is was a well-managed city, now full of ancient buildings and monuments. Apart
from the ancient constituents, you can also explore the Bangladeshi folk arts and crafts Foundation at
the heart of Sonargaon.

Ahsan Manzil:
In the banks of Buriganga River, Ahsan Manzil or the Pink Palace was the residential place as well as the
seat of the Nawab of Dhaka. The original palace was destroyed partially after only 16 years of the
construction by a tornado. The renovated palace was more extensive and with extra decorations as it
was owned by the richest individual of Bangladesh at that time. Some more changes were made after
the fallout of the Bangladeshi Nawabs and around the 1980s was made a cultural and heritage
destination for visitors in Dhaka. The walls are full of historic photographs, visits from different royal and
high-end guests, paintings and artifacts in the Ahsan Manzil.

Sadharghat is one of the liveliest, buzzing, and vibrant riverport in Bangladesh. In front of the Ashan
Manjil, It was a significant boat, launches, and even small ships departure station over the Buriganga
River. Although the number has gone down drastically over the years, still over a hundred boats and
launches heading towards the southern districts of Bangladesh today. It is also the main means of
traveling for many locals here. Visitors might also head to the markets here and try some local products
in Sadarghat. Photography lovers from all around the world visit here to capture the action around here
in their lens.

National Botanical Garden:
The National Botanical Garden in Mirpur, Dhaka is one of the few places you can visit in the capital for
exploring the rich flora of Asia. Established in 1961, this garden extends over an area of 84 hectors and is
divided into 57 sectors. The whole garden is made up of many different segments including ponds and
small patches of trees. In the garden, there is also a cactus house, half a dozen lakes, two nurseries, a
tissue culture research center, and an extensive orchid house. the National Botanical Garden is a must-
visit place in Dhaka for nature lovers and biologists alike.

Dhaka is a never-ending maze of delights holding the culture and lifestyle of locals in Bangladesh.
Alongside all these beautiful places there are some more which you will like to add in your itinerary
during your visit here such as:-
Dhakeshwari Temple: About 1,200 years old Hindu temple which is also the center of Hinduism in

Shahid Minar: A martyr monument to commemorate those losing their lives during the Bengali
language movement of 1952 in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan).

Husaini Dalan: A 17th-century monument which is the venue of Muslim gathering for Majlis in the
month of Muharram

Liberation War Museum: A museum in Dhaka commemorating the Bangladesh Liberation War which led
to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan (1971).

Star Mosque: One of the most beautiful Mosques in Dhaka built Mughal style and four corner towers.

Armenian Church: Made in the late 17th century after the Armenian colony living here then.

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