Sonargaon is a historic region and was the capital during the Sultanate reign in Bangladesh. It is settled near the old course of the Brahmaputra River. Sonargaon is home to numerous archaeological sites, Sufi shrines, Hindu temples, and historic mosques and tombs. Each year Bangladesh Folk Arts and Crafts Foundation hosts programs which is the prime highlight of this city.

Goaldi Mosque with its impressive pre-Mughal architecture in the vicinity of Goaldi Village lures everyone. The rich textile culture (17th century onwards) displayed in the Folk Arts and Craft Museum provides insight into the region’s heritage. Panama City/Nagar is popular for its 19th-century mansions. Explore Sandbank Island and a boat tour over the Meghna River. This enchanting city’s rich artistic traditions mesmerizes everyone.

Major Attractions

Panam Nagar

Goaldi Mosque

Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum

Bara Sardar Bari

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