Kusumba Mosque

Kusumba Mosque, one of the national heritage sites in Bangladesh was built in 1558-59. It is often regarded as ‘The Black Gem of Bangladesh’ (Kala Pahar). Dating back to the Mughal era, it stands as a symbol of the region’s cultural and architectural heritage. It serves as an epitome of inspiration for other mosques in Bangladesh.

Using sandstone, granite, and marble (3 types of stone), this impressive Kusumba mosque was built. The unique rounded and octagonal towers at each corner are its unique designs. Decorated with floral motifs like rosettes, multiple mihrabs, and an innovative architectural style sets this mosque apart from others. A serene experience in this mosque which blends well with history, art, and spirituality.

Major Attractions

Architectural Magnificence

Cultural Heritage

Floral motifs like rosettes

Multiple Mihrabs

Photographic Opportunities

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