Chittagong is the main seaport of Bangladesh and the financial core of southern Bangladesh. A natural
harbor, Chittagong is a melting pot of culture and the third most visited places in Bangladesh after
Dhaka and Sundarbans. Aside from connecting the world through waterways, Chittagong is also an
important city from the Mughal and different colonial era. Nature and modernization go along side by
side in Chittagong with so many things to try in your visit here. The delights spread all the way from the
coast to the inner cities of Chittagong and either cruising or with a rickshaw ride will showcase the best
bits here.
Here are some of the amazing places you can be in and around the Chittagong city in Bangladesh.

Patenga Beach and Kattali Beach:
Thre is no lack of pristine sandy beaches in Chittagong and a couple of them standing atop many are the
Patega and Kattali Beaches. Patega Beach here oversees the estuary of river Karnaphuli and the sea. The

beach is lively with local food stalls to try some fresh seafood here as well. Beside the Shah Amanat
International Airport and Naval Academy road, Patenga beach is the best place to enjoy a beach near
Chittagong. Similarly, the Kattali beach here gives us an extensive view of the mangrove forest which
looks even better during sunset.

Foy’s Lake:
Foy’s Lake is a manmade lake originally with the purpose of providing drinking water to the railway
colonies. The surrounding and the overall lake make it a perfect destination near the urban areas as a
picnic or hiking getaway. In its periphery, there is also a small park and zoo for the visitors to explore. A
brief boat ride on the lake will give you a grand view of nature and the ecosystem around here too.
Dedicated to the head engineer Mr. Foy who materialized this project, this lake has been an exemplary
sightseeing place in Chittagong.

Shrine of Baizid Bostami:
The shrine of Baizid Bostami is one of the most significant shrines in Bangladesh in Chittagong. The
complex constitutes of a tomb, an old mosque, and a very large pond. Soft-shell turtles (also called
Bostami Turtle) inhabit this pond and there are legends surrounding these of being the evil spirits
trapped by Baizid Bostami himself into turtles in his visit. One can visit here to take a peek into the
culture and history of Bangladesh.

Apart from these sites, other major places to see in Chittagong are several mosques and monuments in
the region. The Chandrapura and Baitul Falah mosques are two primary must-visit mosques of
Chittagong. These beautiful mosques showcase the centuries-old art and architecture like few others in
Bangladesh. Baitul Falah Mosque is also the most extensive mosque in the whole Chittagong region.
Alongside these amazing monuments, we can also visit the World War II Cemetry, the Ethological
Museum and the Court Building here in the tour. Adding to it there are numerous other local
attractions for you to explore and relish each holding mesmerizing delights here in Chittagong.

Chittagong is an ideal place for short individual and family vacations in Asia. The main port and the
surrounding areas of the Chittagong region holds some of the diverse culture and historical places in this
nation. Only among the few places on earth where one can enjoy a walk in the beach turn around and
hike for the hills, Chittagong is a gem of Bangladesh.

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