Sundarbans is famous worldwide for its extensive mangrove forests in the Ganges- Bramhaputra delta. A
pristine piece of nature in Bangladesh, it is one of the few destinations for an authentic safari in Asia
treating the visitors with some mesmerizing natural experiences. Sundarbans was listed as UNESCO
world heritage site of the world in 1987 which includes a national park and four sanctuaries. Also one of
the most successful Tiger conservation areas of the world, Sundarbans is a unique part of Asia in Earth.

Sundarban literally means a "beautiful forest" in Bengali. It has taken its fair share of history during the
Mughal era and prior. Stretching over 10,000 aq km in the area it lies in the nation of Bangladesh and
partly in India as well. Home to a diverse ecosystem, over a third of the total area of Sundarban, is
drenched in water. This results in the dominating mangrove forest and mixed aquatic life in these areas.
The other parts constitute a large and unbroken chain of the tropical and subtropical forest with patches
of settlements in them. The elegant view of the interconnected waterways and the sandy forests will
give us an undisturbed touch like nowhere here. Spotting the royal Bengal tiger here is also the most
probable among many other safaris in the world. Similarly, more than 42 species of mammals, 35
reptiles, 8 amphibian species, and over 270 species of birds also make the Sundarbans their home.
Among these, over 30 % are listed as endangered or rare species in the world hence protected by the
government of Bangladesh and India too. Furthermore, there are over 150 different commercially
significant fishes available in the water giving the locals a well needed economical support. The
landscape and picturesque setting make every sunset here majestic too.

Exploring Sundarbans means getting closer to nature and trying to blend in even for a short period. It is
an adventure of a lifetime to gaze at the beautiful animals and soak in the wonderful constituents of this
magical paradise. With a proper guide, you can have a great time here abundant of many unique
experiences each moment in Sundarbans.

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