Jaisalmer is one of the best destinations in Rajasthan. The ‘Queen of Thar’ encloses a repository of Nature and culture within itself. One must visit Jaisalmer to learn the authentic Rajasthani culture and lifestyle nearing the core of Thar. The art culture and hospitality of Jaisalmer are also amongst the best in the whole Nation of India.

Located about 357 miles from the capital of Jaipur, Jaisalmer City is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The exquisite sculptures and architecture of the close houses in the area are a treat to your eyes. One can also visit this town to have better knowledge about the desert vegetation and ecosystem. This town is also famous as the golden city of India because of the abundance of yellow sandstone in the buildings here.

The Camel Safari in the Thar desert is also one of the major attractions of the region. Tourists will experience the unique and vibrant nature differently in this safari. The Desert National Park also constitutes many sightseeing spots from where you can view a sea of beautiful dunes. There are many different monuments and fortresses in the city where you can have beautiful experiences. You will love to see the sunset falling upon the city’s fortress from any vantage point around the city of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is a treasure box of handicrafts, and you can choose your perfect Souvenir of Rajasthan here.

Major Attractions

Jaisalmer Fort

Bada Bagh gardens and windmill farms

Chandraprabhu Jain Temple

Museums (cultural and war )in the city

Camel Safari of Thar

Gadsisar Lake

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