Kolkata is the city of joy, and every praise of this city is worth it. The second largest city in India is buzzing with festive vibes each time you visit it. The capital of West Bengal is famous as an exotic luxury destination throughout the world. You can walk in the street and peek into the West Indian lifestyle of the country.

The city of Kolkata has so much to offer you that you will love to extend your stay here. The land is soaked with layers and layers of heritage and culture. The diverse traditions and modern system have combined well to make this city come alive. Previously known as Calcutta, this city was famous as the capital of India in the British Empire. In every nook and cranny of this majestic city, you will stumble upon unique experiences.

Nightlife in Kolkata is lively and chilled. There are some of the top bars and restaurants in the country where you can relax and enjoy Bollywood music. Being one of the oldest cities in India, Kolkata had a rich history and witnessed many important events in the period. An essential destination for pilgrims of various religions has united this majestic city.

You can also see Rabindranath Tagore’s House which is now a museum here. The city is also home to many adventurous sports, and you can indulge in any of them in your leisure time. You can also end your days engulfing the sunset views from the ghats and attain peace of mind. Don’t forget to try local Bengali cuisine in the streets and restaurants here to experience a different modification of Indian Cuisine.

Major Attractions

Victoria Memorial

St.Paul’s Cathedral

Howrah and Vidyasagar Bridges

Millennium Park

Ancestral House of Rabindranath Tagore(now a museum)

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