Varanasi, Kashi or simply Vanaras is one of the holiest places in the nation of Nation. Pilgrims mostly Hindus and Jains believe that reaching Varanasi at least once in their life with bringing salvation to their soul. This city sits in the bank of one of the holiest river of India River Ganges. Historically too Varanasi is one of the oldest settlements in India, and it’s an essential place for archeologists too. Artists from all over the world have their praise of Varanasi as a place of beautiful thoughts. Sitting near the Delhi Kolkata highway, you will definitely want to visit the cultural heart of North India in your tour.

History and religion and along with the Beautiful Ganges-Kashi is a peaceful and satisfying place. People often come to meditate or look at the city all day long from a vantage point. You will witness one of the many Hindu festivals if you are lucky. There are more than 23,000 big and small temples in the area of Varanasi. People also believe that Ramcharitramanas was written in Varanasi. It is one of the famous holy books of Hindus. People also believe that Gautam Buddha founded Buddhism here and gave his first Sermon under a tree. Sarnath is the name of the place now. This place is also important as the land of Banaras Hindu University and Sanskrit college. Tourists like to sit in the banks of Ganges and stare at the glorious sunset falling in the river.

Major attractions

– Ganga Snan(Bath for Salvation)
-Ghats where Hindu cremation(by burning) takes place
-Kashi Vishwanath Temple
-Ramnagar Fort
-Evening Arati(offering procedures) in the temples of the place

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