Sikkim is the smallest state of India lying in the northeast part of the country. Sikkim shares its border with Four nations. So, there are influences in culture and religion of all these country on this state. Buddhism is the main religion that most of the people follow here. Situated in the canvas of natures art, Sikkhim is also home to some of the fantastic Buddhist monasteries of Whole India. Before people started to follow Buddhism in Sikkim, they used to worship nature and its components. This is the very reason that most of the Rivers, streams, and hills carry legends and are Holy.

There are more than 200 big and small monasteries in Sikkim. Some of the Monasteries may age more than three centuries old. Monasteries here have architectures inspired by Tibetan culture and Tradition. The Murals and paintings in these monasteries reflect the insights of Buddhism. As most of the areas are in the hilly region of Sikkhim, these monasteries lie at a height. You can see a long stone patched way up to the hilly monasteries and pilgrims following the trail with devotion and the instant positive vibe you get brings peace to your mind. The relics and small shrines with many monks performing rituals make a complete monastery. One can witness the lifestyle of people, their culture, and tradition up close in Sikkim.

There are so many Monasteries with art and history in Sikkim that Buddhism Revolves here. It will take you a long time to visit each one of them, but some of them are unmissable. A majestic view of landscape and nature is also visible from any of these hilltop monasteries. You can end your day sipping a hot organic beverage and local cuisines of Sikkim.

Major Attractions

-Karma Kagyu Monastery
-Enchey Monastery
-Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
-Rumtek Monastery
-Pemayangtsy Monastery
-Sangacholing Monastery
-Tashiding Monastery
-Khechipalri Lake
-Dubdi Monastery

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