Rajasthan, the Land of Kings covers 342,239 sq. km and is the largest Indian state by area. It lies on the northwestern side of India and shares a border with the Pakistani provinces of Punjab. The Great India Desert, Thar Desert comprises most of the sections of the Rajasthan. The five other states Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat surrounds this state.

This state boasts numerous vibrant cities which has their specialties. The architectural marvel Pink City Jaipur, enchanting Udaipur’s palaces and lakes, Golden City Jaisalmer, Blue City Jodhpur, and magnificent Ranthambore cities are the pride of Rajasthan. The expansive deserts, royal forts, sophisticated palaces, and national parks add grandeur to this culturally vibrant state. Rajasthan is also rich in its vibrant culture which showcases its folk music, dance, and colorful festivals. It is undoubtedly a perfect destination to explore its rich arts, culture, nature, and royal history.

Major Attractions

Pink City Jaipur

Blue City Jodhpur

Udaipur- City Palace

Golden City Jaisalmer

Ranthambore National Park

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