If you haven’t heard about the Taj Mahal Epitome of Love, then you are among very few people in the world falling under this category. One of the Seven Wonders of our Modern world, The Taj Mahal in India is a place many people dream of reaching at least once in their lifetime, and this place is worth your visit too.

The architecture and design of this Monument is an example of Persian and Mughal architecture to its most elegant. The whole area is so alluring and perplexing that anyone visiting here will lose themselves in its beauty. Every nook and corner of this majestic Monument has so many components that you will love to stare at all day long.

Commissioned by the fifth Mughal King by name Shah Jahan in the grief of his wife Mumtaz Mahal’s demise. The Persian princess whom the emperor loved very much died early in childbirth. This glorious monument holds the original tombs of both of them symbolizing the unity after their death too. The Taj Mahal has it each minute components decorated so finely that the structure is impossible to construct elsewhere.

Interesting Facts-Taj Mahal Epitome of Love

More than 22,000 people worked to finish the Taj Mahal. More than a thousand elephants carried the building material

Everything in the Taj Mahal is perfectly symmetrical. You can view it similarly from every face. Only the tombs of the emperor and princess aren’t the same.

It glows a different color in different parts of the day. Pinkish, white, and golden at dawn, midday, and dusk respectively.

This monument is surrounded by gardens, ponds, a mosque, and other beautiful buildings.

The height of the Taj Mahal is 171 meters, Area=17 hectares

28 variations of precious stone were inlaid into white marble here, and many of these stones were ripped off by the British during the Indian Rebellion

You are sure to make many memories in this majestic place.

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