Lonely Planet Lists Nepal in Its ‘Top Travel Destinations for 2022

10 Nov 2021 Asia Experiences


The highly anticipated list by Lonely Planet of the best travel destinations of the year 2022 is out with Nepal taking the 8th spot. With this inclusion, Nepal has been the place to be for all kinds of travel in Asia. One of the many reasons for Lonely Planet’s step will be the support and investment from different tourism boards and the Nepal government itself for sustainable tourism in this country.

If you have been around the travel and tourism industry for the past decade then Nepal needs no introduction. It is probably one of the most scenic places where travelers can still enjoy authentic traditional experiences. Nepal is to the highest of the snow-capped mountains and diverse ecosystem to explore. The fact that most places here are chosen by travelers to return for the second visit speaks for the positive tourism development here.

In the summary of the 8th place description of Nepal, Lonely Planet Highlights the Mustang region, and the unique cuisine of the Himalayas as must-have experiences here. Similarly, the lively community festivals, simple lifestyle, and calming hospitality also put Nepal over other destinations in South Asia. With several different routes and destinations getting well-deserved limelight you can expect Nepal to be higher on the next lists as well.

Why this is not a surprise?

It is not the first time Nepal has made the list. The last mention was in 2019 with the cultural city of Kathmandu on focus placed 6th. Similarly, 2017 saw Nepal making 5th place on the top destinations to visit for that year.

Nepal also is regularly included in Lonely Planet’s best-valued destinations for new travelers in the world. So, with better tourism infrastructure and awareness in this past decade, Lonely Planet knew they can’t miss Nepal and the Himalayas while constructing the list of the top destinations for 2022.

Nepal for travelers post-pandemic

Just like most places in the world Nepal witnessed a long pause in tourism due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. The first part of the lockdown period here was focused more on isolation and control of the virus. In the latter periods, both the locals and the Nepal Government worked in improving the tourism industries. Different health and safety protocols were announced which saw an upgrade in standards for different places with frequent travelers.

One of the positives of the pandemic has been the break and changes in nature as observed by everyone due to a lack of tourists. However, there have been impressive efforts to manage and maintain the trails and routes for both popular and lesser-known destinations of Nepal. The price has been kept reasonably affordable even after a long period of lost business in Nepal. To summarize it all, Nepal just wants to welcome travelers wholeheartedly in the year 2022.

Kagbeni, Upper Mustang

Excitement for both travelers and locals with this inclusion

Lonely Planet has been the top choice for different kinds of travelers while choosing their next destination in the world. They hardly fail to impress the readers and are always on point since they had their first books in 1972. There are some amazing books you can read from the lonely planet that will help you further choose your destination and activities here in Nepal.

As an underrated and somewhat still hidden destination with so many possibilities as a traveler, you can get local expertise and map your ideal vacation. Locals can once again share the stories and welcome visitors from different parts of the world.

Which other destinations made it alongside Nepal

The nine other destinations are from several other continents around the world. Three African countries include iconic Egypt, the island paradise of Mauritius, and Malawi for a deep dive of emotions. Oman is the other entry on the list alongside Nepal. Two island nations of Anguilla and Belize mark the emergence of Caribbean entries on the list.

Slovenia and Norway lead Europe to the Lonely Planet’s list. Last but not least is the majestic Cook Islands from Oceania. These nations are the places to be for travelers of any kind for a wonderful experience in 2022.

Our top picks for the best experiences in Nepal

1. Mountain Flight in the Himalayas

2. Eco-tours in the naturally rich regions of remote Nepal

3. The UNESCO heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley

4. Celebrating the local festivals

5. Trekking in the off-the-beaten-track trails

6. Volunteering through different organizations

7. Trying the local cuisine from different parts of this diverse country

8. Adventure activities to tick off your bucket list

Lonely Planet’s list has certainly fueled the excitement for both travelers and local travel business operators in Nepal. Both parties must be responsible to provide and accept wonderful travel experiences by traveling in this wonderful nation.

Nepal is ready to host tourists from everywhere in 2022. Once again this nation is ready to show its beauty and hospitality passed through generations. As for travelers around the world, there never has been a better time to visit Nepal, one of the best destinations in 2022 as recognized by Lonely Planet.

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