Festivals in any country of southeast Asia are packed with vibrant culture, wonderful cuisine, welcoming friendly locals, and a never-ending escapade of delights, one can expect nothing less from the festivals in Myanmar. Several festivals are celebrated throughout Myanmar with hundreds of specific ones being tribal or regional. Travelers mostly plan their vacation in Myanmar to overlap these festivals in Myanmar to get a taste of local celebratory bits and share the joy with them.

When it comes to Festivals in Myanmar, most of it is traditional ones either related to Centuries-old Buddhism or of the 150+ hill tribes paying homage to their divine spirits. If you take a glance at the calendar of Myanmar, you can find a whole lot of festive dates marked in them. Here we have listed the major festivals that you can be a part of in your visit to Myanmar soon.

In January

Kachin Manaw Festival (9-10 Jan) in Myitkyina – Kachin State

Ananda Pagoda Festival (16 Jan) in Bagan

Naga New Year Festival (14-16 Jan) in Lahe/Lashi, Sagaing Division

Shwemyetman Pagoda Festival (04 -09 Jan) Shwetaung (Near Pyay)


In February

Mahamuni Pagoda Festival (25 Jan – 08 Feb) in Mandalay

Maw Tin Zun Pagoda Festival (Tentative date: 16th Feb to early March) near Pathein

KayikKhauk Pagoda Festival (03 – 09 Feb) in Thanlyin, Yangon

PakhanKoGyiKyaw Festival Tentative date: (18 – 25 Feb)    in Pakhan, Yezagyo

PyiDawPyan Festival (Tentative date: 24th Feb to early March) in Zalun, Ayeyarwaddy Division

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival (Feb 28 – Mar 08) in Yangon

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In March

Pindaya Cave Festival (Mar 06- 08) in Pindaya

Shwesayan Pagoda Festival (Tentative date: 4 – 13 Mar) in Pathein-gyi, Mandalay

Boe-Boe-Gyi Ceremony (Tentative date: 11 – 15 Mar) in Al-Lone, Monywa

Bawgyo Pagoda Festival (03 – 08 Mar) in Hsipaw – Shan State

Kakku Pagoda Festival (06-08 Mar) near Taunggyi

KoKyiKyawGu-Ni Ceremony (Tentative date: March 30 – April 3) in Magwe


April Festivals

Popa Ceremony/Nat Festival (April 21) in Mt Popa, Near Bagan

Shwemawdaw Pagoda Festival (Tentative date: April 2-11) in Bago

Thingyan Festival (13 – 16 Apr) Countrywide Celebration

Myanmar New Year (April 17) Countrywide Celebration

ShweKetyet Pagoda (April 29)    in Amarapura – Mandalay


In May

Kason Full Moon Festival (16 May) Countrywide Celebration

U Shin Gyi Ceremony (2-4 May) in Salt Island &Bown Island, Bogalay

Shittaung Pagoda Festival (15-18 May) in Mrauk U

ThiHoShin Pagoda Festival (31 May – 05 June) in Pakokku

Wicker Ball Ceremony – chinlone (June 06 – July 05) at Mahamuni Precinct, Mandalay


In June

ChinLone Festival, (25 June – 05 July) in Mahamuni, Mandalay

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In July

WasoChinlone Festival (13 Jul) in Mandalay

Martyr’s Day (July 19) in Yangon

ShinbinSagyo Pagoda Festival (03 July) in Sale – Magwe


In August

ShweKyun Bin Tree Spirit Ceremony (21-26 Aug) in Mingun-Mandalay

TaungPyone Nat Festival (26 Aug  -02 Sep) in TaungPyone, Mandala


In September

YadanaGu Nat Festival (10-16 Sep) in Amarapura, Mandalay

Mount Popa Nat Festival (September 10-16) in Popa Mountain


October Festivals

Bo BoGyi Nat Festival (05-11 Oct) in Amarapura, Mandalay

Boe-Min-Guang Memorial Day (October 03) in Mt. Popa, near Bagan

Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda Festival (30 Oct -02 Nov) in Mandalay

PhaungDawOo Pagoda Festival ( 17 October- 03 November) in Inle Lake, Shan State

Indein Pagoda Festival (27-31 Oct) in Inle Lake

Thadingyut, Festival of Lights (9 Oct to 11 Oct)    Throughout Myanmar

Dancing Elephant Festival (30 Oct -01 Nov) in Kyaukse, Mandalay

Food offering ceremonies (October 23 & 24) in Indein – Inle Lake

Nov Mya ThaLun Pagoda Festival (October 24 – Mid)    in Magwe


In November

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival (November 29) in Kyaikhtiyo

KaungHmuDaw Pagoda Festival    (22-30Nov) Sagaing, Mandalay

Hot Air Balloon Festival (23-29 Nov) in Taunggyi

Shwezigon Pagoda Festival (26 – 29 Nov) in Bagan

Pho-Win Taung Ceremony (28 – 29 Nov) in Pho-Win Taung -Monywa

Tazaungmon Festival (November 12) Countrywide Celebration

Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights (November 28-29) in Taunggyi

PyinOoLwin Balloon Festival (1-7 November ) in PyinOoLwin (Maymo)

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In December

Karen New Year (December 1) in Hpaan, Kayin State

Sandaw-Shin Pagoda Festival (12 – 17 Dec) in West Pha-yan-ga Island, Rakhine

Thanboddhay Pagoda Festival (22 – 23 Dec) in Monywa

M0unt Popa Nat Festival(29 Dec) in Mount Popa

Hpo Win Daung Festival (22 – 23 Dec) in Monywa


With so much going on throughout the year, here are some of the festivals that you can aim to attend in Myanmar to get the bliss of culture and local art of living. Most of the festival dates are tentative, festival date depends on the full moon.

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