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8 Apr 2024 Umesh Paneru

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Bangladesh is one of the traveler’s best destinations in South Asia. The world’s 8th most populated nation borders India to the north, east, and west and Myanmar to the southeast. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh which is also the largest city and nation’s cultural, political, and financial center. It is home to the world’s largest mangrove forest. There are several best places to visit in Bangladesh that offer a diverse range of experiences for visitors. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to historical landmarks, architectural marvels to exotic beaches, mangrove forests to varied species of vegetation and wildlife, serene lakes to adventurous sports and fun activities, the places in Bangladesh cover it all. Some 11 best places to visit in Bangladesh along with its prime attractions are listed below:

Dhaka (New and Old)

Dhaka is the capital, the largest city, and the central economic and political hub of Bangladesh. Dhaka is classified as Old and New Dhaka. Old Dhaka is a historic commercial center with numerous historical landmarks while New Dhaka is a modern city with several developed and business centers. The prime attractions in Old and New Dhaka are as follows:

  • Tara Mosque (Star Mosque): Admired for its exquisite interior and exterior architecture
  • Armenian Church: One of the oldest churches which is the evidence of the city’s rich historical heritage
  • Bahadur Shah Park: An important monument offering insights into the region’s past.
  • Lalbagh Fort: 17th-century Mughal Fort.
  • Dhakeshwari Temple: 500-year old Hindu Temple.
  • Ahsan Manzil Museum: It houses several beautiful paintings and artifacts and is also popular as Pink Palace.
  • Liberation War Museum: Displays the History of Bangladesh
  • Buriganga River: Admire the beauty of the river and its surroundings with a boat tour.Dhaka


Sonargaon is the prime commercial center of Bangladesh as well as the old capital of the historic region. It is the major inland port and its main attractions are:

  • Goaldi Mosque: Acknowledged for its pre-Mughal architecture.
  • Folk Arts and Craft Museum: Displays the rich textile culture from the 17th century onwards.
  • Panama City/Nagar: Famous for its 19th-century mansions and a boat tour around the Meghna River.
  • Sandbank Island: Experience traditional village life.

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Bogura or Bogra is a major commercial hub in Northern Bangladesh. The city is famous for its ancient Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples, and ancient palaces of Muslim sultans, and Buddhist kings. Its major attractions are:

  • Mahasthangarh: Remarkable oldest archeological site features featuring a Citadel surrounded by ancient buildings and temples.
  • Govinda Bhita Temple: A beautiful Hindu temple in the vicinity of a citadel.
  • Gokul Medh: Another significant archeological site which is also called the Behula Lakshindar Bashor Ghor.
  • Basu Bihar: An ancient Buddhist heritage site that showcases the architecture, art, and lifestyle spanning from the 3rd to the 12th century.


Paharpur is one of the most significant cities in Bangladesh which is popular for its archaeological sites. It is over 1,200 years old which gives evidence of the rise of Mahayana Buddhism or Vajrayana. The major attractions here are:

  • Kusumba Mosque: Remarkable architecture and stone-carved art from the 14th to the 16th century. 
  • Somapura Mahavihara: A significant archeological site listed under UNESCO World Heritage. It houses the remains of walls surrounding a Buddhist stupa at its center. Ancient statues, inscriptions, coins, ceramics, and terracotta plaques, some dating back to the 4th century or earlier are prime attractions.paharpur buddhist bihar


Rajshahi is a wonderful city that lies in the plains of Padma River. The city is renowned for its lush green spaces, attractive gardens, turreted castles, and vibrant buildings. World-class architecture and cultural institutions along with cultural centers beautify the city. Its main attractions are:

  • Varendra Research Museum: The country’s oldest museum (1910) that provides an inclusive exploration of Bengal’s heritage with an extensive collection that spans archaeology, anthropology, history, and art.
  • Puthia Temple: Famous Hindu temple for its stunning wood and stone carvings, temple’s unique designs with intricate terracotta carvings.
  • The Bagha Mosque: A significant archaeological site that represents early Islamic architecture with its impressive terracotta ornamentation, single dome, and corner towers


Bagerhat is a historic city which is home to around 50 medieval mosques, mausoleums, and an open-air museum of Asian Muslim architectural heritage. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which also includes the tomb of Khan Jahan, the mosques of Singar, Bibi Begni, Reza Khoda, and Zindavir.

  • Shait Gumbad Mosque: Notably known as the ’60 dome mosque and 77 domes’, other historical mosques in the vicinity are listed under a World Heritage Site.
  • Tomb of Mazar Khan Jahan Ali: A revered holy figure in the country.
  • Chandra Mahal Eco Park: Popular for its architectural beauty.

Khulna and Sundarbans 

Khulna lies on the bank of the Rupsha River and is the third-largest city in Bangladesh. The best skylines, lush greenery, beaches, religious centers, contemporary art galleries boutiques, and traditional shophouses are prime attractions here. Sundarban mangrove forest is the best tourist spot here. 

  • Sundarbans: Embark on a ship from Khulna for this amazing mangrove forest tour. Witness diverse flora, tiger footprints, bird species, forest deer, cats, crocodiles, and monkeys. Adore the breathtaking views of the forest and a freshwater pond decorated with floating water lilies from a watchtower. Major attractive places in Sundarbans are:
  • Harbaria: Renowned eco-tourism center.
  • Kotka Forest Station: Beautiful Kotka Sea Beach and surrounding beauty.
  • Hiron Point Forest: Fantastic views and beautiful scenery of the surroundings.
  • Dublar Char: Popular for fishing and wildlife sightings.
  • Karamjol Forest Station: Witness fascinating creatures such as saltwater crocodiles, Gangetic River Dolphins, etc., and enjoy the serenity of the forest.bangladesh trip e1712571773512

Chittagong (Chattogram)

Chittagong is the busiest port in Bangladesh which lies on the banks of the Karnaphuli River. The second-largest city in Bangladesh has several landmarks that are historically and culturally significant. Some major attractions here are: 

  • Nandan Kanan Buddhist Temple: Historically significant temple.
  • Chatteswari Hindu Temple: One of the prominent Shakti Peeth that has an idol of Kali.
  • Ethnological Museum: Displays the various ethnic groups’ lifestyles, and the rare elements used in daily life that are extinct or on the verge of extinction.
  • Court Building: Admire the stunning architecture.
  • World War II Cemetery: It is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and has 12 galleries. Pay homage to it.
  • Shrine of Bayezid Bostami (Rah.): A holy place and also visit the lake nearby to get a sight of the Bostami Turtle.
  • Patenga Beach: The picturesque views and serene surroundings. Butterfly Park nearby is also an attractive spot. 

Cox’s Bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar is a popular tourist center that has the longest uninterrupted beach in the world. It is popular as a fishing port and the prominent Cox’s Beach. The major attractions here are:

  • Rakhain tribal community: Prominent for its Buddhist ruins and vibrant Burmese crafts. 
  • Bronze Buddha Statue: The largest bronze Buddha statue in Bangladesh, standing at 13 feet tall on a 6-foot pedestal.
  • St. Martin’s Island: The only coral island in Bangladesh which is called ‘Narikel Jinjira’ by the locals. Best picturesque beaches for beach parties, a bonfire, and beach sports (scuba diving or hire a speed boat). Also, enjoy local fresh seafood.
  • Maheshkhali Island: Famous for its vibrant Hindu temples, including the renowned Adinath Temple. It offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and religious traditions of the local community. 
  • Sonadia Island: Peaceful pristine beaches and breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal. Diverse marine life and recreation activities like swimming and sunbathing.


Sylhet is an amazing city that lies on the banks of the Surma River. The city is surrounded by scenic mountains and a beautiful harbor with colorful rows of wooden houses. The main attractions here are:

  • Manipuri Rajbari: A significant piece of Sylhet’s architecture.
  • Hakaluki Haor: A marsh wetland ecosystem with a wide range of biodiversity. 
  • Dreamland Park: Fun and excitement which offers some of the best rides. 
  • Srimangal: Tribal villages, hiking trails, dense forest sanctuaries, pristine flora, and numerous tea estates are prime attractions. 


Comilla is a historically significant place in Bangladesh that holds the history of the Buddhist dynasty ruling there between the 17th and 18th centuries. It is famous for its picturesque beauty, colonial architecture, Khadi or Khaddar fabric, pottery, and Rasmalai sweets. The prime attractions here are:

  • Shalban Buddhist Bihar:  17th century Bihar with one hundred and fifteen cells for monks. 
  • Maynamati War Cemetery: Built-in memory of forty-five thousand Commonwealth soldiers who died in Burma’s war.bangladesh tour

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