The Haa Summer Festival set beside the fresh lakes is an attractive festival to witness in Bhutan. The close look of culture, tradition and Nomadic way of living can be seen in this festival. The nomadic lifestyle can be clearly understood as this festival provides the detail description of the mentioned lifestyle. The cuisine and home cooked food are another activities that make your visit for pleasant and if you are a food lover then you will definitely enjoy this visit.
Haa valley is another outstanding view to witness, it is quite close from the international airport at Paro. In order to reach Haa valley one must travel for two hours by road and cross the Chelela mountain pass. With the view of untouched forest and hills, Haa is an awesome location to enjoy trekking. The century old passages via slopes in mountains with a view of greenery will give you a distinct feeling about nature. Rare white poppy (Meconopsis superba) which is found only in Haa is an extensive view in the Haa Summer Festival. The flower that grows up to 1-1.5m in height makes the valley more beautiful.

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