Punakha Tshechu and Drubchen

This Punakha Tshechu and Drubchen festival is quite famous as it gives a refreshment of the scene from the 17th-century battle with the Tibetan army. The locals dress in the ancient battle dress and perform the ancient battle scene. The festival shows how the invaders were blocked and the victory gives a sense of internal peace to the people.

Punakha Tshechu was introduced in 2005 by 70th Je Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choedra and the then Home Minister His Excellency Lyonpo Jigme Yoedzer Thinley. This festival was introduced on request to preserve the Buddhist teaching and to keep the noble deeds.

These two festival provide an opportunity to offer prayers and also helps in preserving the culture and tradition. The Bhutanese culture is highly displayed in these two festivals for the visitors.

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