Located at Chhumey in Bhumthang, Nimalung Lhakhang is around 14 minutes’ drive from the road that connects the village of Chhumey. It is a two-storied temple with the remains of the Guru Rinpoche beautiful statue. You will also find the painting of Guru Rinpoche and his students, several Buddhist masters paintings are also a pleasant sight to view in the temple.

The Nimalung festival performed here is Kaling Zhitro Drubchen which was started by Doring Trulku. The festival is held on the first fifteen days of the first month according to the Bhutanese calendar. Masked dance is performed by the monks and other villagers in their beautiful attire. In the intervals, the young woman also performs folk dance believing that the rituals will clean their sin.

The local Tshechu which is held once a year in the 5th month of the Bhutanese calendar, a large scroll painting is displayed during the festival. The length of the painting is nine meters and the breadth is twelve meters. It is also believed that one glimpse of the painting will clean the sins. The festival is also known for a variety of mask dances.

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