The festival, Paro Tsechu celebrated in the spring is one of the most eminent and colorful festival at Paro Dzongkhag. The festival is celebrated for five days and people from various part of the world visit to watch this colorful festival of Bhutan. The visitors get the finest chance to understand and enjoy the Bhutanese culture.

Paro Tsechu festival the tradition is followed without any alteration which remarks the taste of culture that prevails in the country. People from all the districts tries to participate in this festival and travels to watch this festival. The last day of the festival is marked by presenting the massive thangkha (embroidered painting) the Guru Throngdel. Buddhist art can be completely understood from Thongdrols that largely attract the viewers. The Thongdrols are said to have a power to clean the sin if they are viewed even once.

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