Situated in the Matale Province of the Central province, Dambulla is a vast isolated rock mass. One of the most prominent destinations to visit in Sri Lanka, Dambulla is rich in landscape and religious monuments. Sited in a giant rock more than 160 m height and 1.5 km circumference, Dambulla is also the home of Cave temples and shrines in it. As Dumbulla lies in the junction of major cities in Sri Lanka, it is the center of vegetable distribution in the whole island nation. Known earlier as Dhamballai, this region is also a fundamental zone with ancient Sri Lankan civilization.

Dambulla is also one of the oldest civilization proved area in Sri Lanka. The Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site here proves that indigenous civilization was active in Dambulla before the Indian influence in this Island Nation. Dambulla also has the largest rose quartz range in the whole southeast Asia. One of the distinctive forest here is the Iron Wood forest. Also called Cobra’s saffron these trees are famous for hard and heavy timber. Nu Uyyana Aryana one of the biggest forest monastery of the world also lies in Dambulla. Dambulla is one large area with numerous must-visit sites, and you can enjoy them in your visit to Sri Lanka.

-Major Attractions

*Dambulla Cave Temple
* Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site
*Na Uyana Aranya jungle monastery
*Kandalama Reservoir

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