Isurumuniya is a Buddhist temple in Anuradhapura near Tisawewa(Tisa Tank). Built by King Devanampiya (307-267BC), the temple was the residence of about 500 children who were ordained in that time. Renovated by King Kasyapa in 482 AD, there is a Viharaya(Buddhist shrine) That connects to a cave. Above the cave, there is a cliff and also a stupa in the top of it. However, we can see that this stupa is a modern artwork. The stone carvings of the Isurumuniya rock temples have the curiosity of many travelers visiting here. You can see that few yards from this Vihara there is remains of the ancient royal garden, Ranmasu Uyana.

The first carving to catch your eye will be of the Isurumuni lovers. The engraving is of the prince Saliya who loved the low caste maiden Asokamala and even gave up the throne for her. This beautiful sculpture however isn’t from here. There is also written that it is the cell of Mahaya to Venerable Asalaya. Another sculpture here is of the Royal family. This sculpture dates back to 8th century and representing the king Dutugamunu. There are two figures behind who are fanning him with a Wijnipath. Next, we can see the rocks in the nearby pond. These rocks look like it is emerging from the pond itself. We can see elephant carvings in the rocks which is similar to “Mamallapuram” in India.

You can also have a majestic view of the landscape here. A right place to view the medieval history of Srilanka we can study the art forms of that period.

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